Saturday, May 9, 2009

“Some Men Rise to the Top” - By Daryle Lambert – Jack Kemp was one of those men.

The Real Thing

I have had an interest in sports from my earliest years and can rattle off statistics from the early 50's to the present day, but few men have had the impact on me that Jack Kemp has had. He was the true competitor in whatever he entered into, and after you challenged him you knew you were in for a real battle.
It is with great honor that I suggest that any member of the 31 Club that searches for memorabilia featuring Mister Kemp will be rewarded while researching the life of this man. He was the definition of what a true American should be. Yes, I think that anything bearing his name will became a valuable collectible, but in this case the dollars are only the secondary value, the first is that by owning them you honor this great patriot.
Let's just look at a few facts concerning his life. There is no doubt he was a gifted athlete playing quarterback for both the San Diego Chargers and the Buffalo Bills over a period of 13 years. Chosen captain on both teams, he proved his leadership ability. He is in the American Football Hall of Fame. He lead the Buffalo Bills to two American Football League Conference championships in 1964 and 1965. In 1965 he was chosen player of the year by the League.
But Jack Kemp knew that there was a life for him after football, so he entered politics where he was in the United House of Representatives for 18 years. I personally had the pleasure of meeting him on numerous occasions and there is no doubt he was always a true gentleman. After my Dad's death Jack was a true friend of my mothers and often encouraged her when she was sad. Jack was one of those rare individuals that never got the big head with his success and had a wonderful marriage of fifty years to his college sweetheart. Both members of his own party as well as the opposing party respected his judgment and conviction. Jack Kemp left a great and honorable legacy and he will long be remembered in the halls of Congress.
There are many things that I could suggest you look out for that bear his name or picture but I will list just a few. Early football cards, programs where he is listed as quarterback, advertising, jerseys, posters, signed helmets, photos and signed footballs. These are important to those of us that love sports but his real contribution was to his country and the service he gave to it. Just think of all the items that cover his life while he was in the political spectrum. I won't try to list all of them but your imagination will help you there. No! When I think of Jack it won't be about what the items just discussed are worth, but about the true worth of the man. God Speed, Jack Kemp.
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