Friday, May 8, 2009

“Goodwill pays off for Leslie" - Daryle Lambert – Trash or Treasure, you be the judge.

Leslie's Vase

I continue to encourage all who read my blog to expand their horizons in their search for treasure. I know that some have heeded my advice because of the emails I receive. These new finds will prove to be valuable as the members of the 31 Club advance in the Steps to the Million. The compounding effect on the money you have in your account will set you on the sought-after course to financial freedom.
Here is an email that I received from Leslie and guess what? Not only did she buy right but she immediately did her research as can be seen by the email she received. Spotting a beautiful vase among so many average items isn't always easy but if you practice you will find it happening to you more and more.
Hello Daryle
I was doing some research on a Steuben vase that I have and came upon your website. After reading how you enjoy Steuben pieces I thought I would share a photo or two with you. I did e-mail the Carder Steuben Club and they were kind enough to send me some info. on it. This was his reply:
Hello Leslie,
Thank you for contacting the Carder Steuben Club. You have what is called a Grotesque vase from the early 1930's in a color called Wisteria. It is a dichroic glass, that changes from purple to blue, depending upon the source of light. The shape number on the website is 7090 but I do not have one posted. May I use you picture. I hope this information helps.
Mark Buffa
Now this is all wonderful but the best part of the email is the part that I am going to share with you now:
The best thing about it is that I bought this at goodwill for $2.09. It was light blue when I bought it and when I walked outside it turned such a beautiful color of Purple. That's when I know it was a very special vase.. Thanks and Have A Great Day... Leslie A.
Wow! Does that make my heart beat faster because I know someone is listening to what I share with my readers. Just think a few more trades like this one and Leslie will really begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel and that million dollars in her future.
The plan that I created for the 31 Club is so simple that even I can do it and in the near future I will be sharing some exciting results with you. You will see that the 31 Club is very serious about the “Race to the Million”. However, I do believe that there is a person reading this that perhaps will beat us to the finish line.

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