Saturday, May 30, 2009

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I receive many emails each day asking me to identify something someone has found. Most often if the item isn't marked the value can be negligible but once in awhile I get a surprise. It's like the look that Simon had on his face when Susan Boyle began to sing. This happened to me two days ago when Vicki H. sent me a picture of a painting and mentioned that she had also bought a pottery vase for just a few dollars. The painting didn't set me on fire but when I opened the attachment showing the picture of the vase I said, “Oh my.”
You see she has a wonderful eye and that is what, through studying, you will also develop. Even though the vase wasn't marked she knew it was special. I tried to identify it but wasn't having much success so I emailed the picture to Cecil and he soon emailed me back saying he didn't have a clue. Not being deterred, Vicki kept searching for a clue to the identity of the vase and soon responded “I believe it is Pewabic pottery.” Sure enough I agreed with her because of the distinguished glaze that is a metallic lava. Also Pewabic used paper labels and that could be the reason for no mark. I believe she has found a vase worth $1000 - $5000 and I don't think she will be disappointed with either price.
How often have I said knowledge is king. Vicki first knew that the appearance of the vase was special and she didn't let the piece not being marked convince her not to buy it. Then when she couldn't get the answers she wished for, that didn't stop her in the search because she knew it was special.
Pewabic Pottery was founded by Mary Chase Perry Stratton in 1903 in Detroit Michigan. The company closed in 1961 upon Mary Stratton's death but was reopened in 1968 by Michigan State University. One of the best references to Pewabic pottery is American Art Pottery by David Rago. This would be a great book to add to your library and it may be found on eBay, Abe Books or Amazon.
I will continue to share the members' stories with you because this should give you the encouragement to continue in your search when it often feels that there isn't anything out there for you to find. I was given a framed poem many years ago and today when I was feeling a little discouraged I noticed it on my wall and read it again. It energized me and I would like to share it with you. The name of the little poem is “Don't Quit.”

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