Friday, May 22, 2009

“ Is it from Outer Space ? “ - Daryle Lambert's Antique and Collectible Blog – Golf from Outer Space.

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I was going through my garage and saw some instruments that have the appearance of something from outer space. After closer examination, I was able to identify them but it wasn't easy. These items seem to appear out of nowhere about this time each year and they seem to have mutated over the winter each time. You may have guessed what I found because if you are an avid golfer there is no doubt I am talking about a putter.

Yes the humble putter that brings the mightiest men and women to their knees. I have seen putters with shafts that reach over my head and designs that would challenge the best of engineers, but often they land in a lake after a missed putt. I have seen men that looked like the hulk that could hit a golf ball 400 yards but couldn't get the ball in the cup from 12 inches. This is an instrument of great pride when the curling putt from 50 feet settles in the bottom of the cup, but don't speak to a golfer that has missed one from under 3 feet. It is no wonder that these misshapen instruments have become some of the greatest of all collectibles.

This being said there can be a good deal of money made by finding the rare and unusual putter. I would like to give you some examples of putters that could bring a huge smile to your face. Often the worth of these clubs can be attributed to a special player that uses this model or maybe it is the model that won a tournament for an unknown golfer. Either way collectors want to own them.

Let's start with putters made by Scotty Cameron because he seems to be the man of the hour. Scotty Cameron's putters can reach over $8500 but here are a few that have records on eBay. Kombi Cicle T $4000, Titleist Prototype Tour $2500 and Select Tour Hula Loops $2000, not bad for something that is hard to figure out what it is but you know someone must like them. Just to mention some others, you will find the Ping Scottsdale coming in at $3000 and the Jack Nicklaus Slazenger not far behind at $1500. Even Tiger Woods is in this group that use these strange weapons and one of his favorites is the Bettinardi selling for $1500. This should make you look into every corner of the basements and garages where you are looking for treasure.

Since Scotty Cameron is the man here is his Biograhy.

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