Friday, May 15, 2009

"Proud of Your School" - Daryle Lambert – Name of School Can Mean Money.

Notre Dame - Thanks to

I was just wondering what the name of a school could be worth? Are you a graduate of a college that the public easily recognizes? If so, this could put money in your pocket. You may just be a follower of the school's sports programs and want to have a collection that represents its sports history. You wouldn't be alone. There are many collectors that specialize in these schools' sports memorabilia.

Let's take Notre Dame for instance. Who doesn't know the name of the Rockne. Knute Rockne, I mean. He was perhaps the greatest coach of all time. Yes Notre Dame had other great coaches such as Ara Parsegion, Lou Holtz and also great players like the Four Horsemen but who can forget the Gipper speech? George Gipp was a player for Notre Dame under Knute Rockne and at half time, when they were in trouble, Rockne gave a speech and in it said, "Let's win one for the Gipper." This has to rank right up there with one of the greatest sayings ever in sports history.

Why have I told you all of this? It is because of the history of this school that almost anything associated with it is collectible and will bring big money from the collector. Let's just mention a few items to look for that represent Notre Dame: signatures, helmets, jerseys, programs, photos, footballs, banners, rings, flags and so many other items that it would just take me too long to list them. You can be sure that if you find any item associated with this school or its players there is someone wanting to add it to their collection.

There are other great schools that have traditions that transcend the norm and a few of them are the University of Kentucky in basketball with their bigger than life coach Adolph Rupp, UCLA and their coach John Wooden, Duke and North Carolina with their successful programs and the list goes on and on. As a member of the 31 Club you can build your entire business on items from the schools mentioned above and their players. This market has already been created and you can join it at any time.

The greatest thing about being a dealer in items from your favorite school is that the market is wide open. For instance the Heritage sports auctions would be more than glad to auction anything that you run across and they have an excellent following. There are many other auctions that specialize in these items and they can be found by searching the internet.

It is great to watch sporting events but I prefer to make money from dealing in items from the greatest sports events of our time rather than just being a couch potato.

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