Sunday, May 17, 2009

“Foreign Markets can be Happy Hunting Grounds.” - Daryle Lambert's Antique and Collectible Blog.

Kiwi for Me - Thanks

It is never too late to expand your vision into other markets. I just received an email from Michael, one of the members of our 31 Club. He shared with me how he made several great trades on eBay UK. In one case he spotted several photos by Richard Manard listed on that site. Due to most of the bidders not being familiar with Mr. Manard's work, Michael was able to pick these photos up for a song. The one he listed for me to see brought $355 but due to its historical value the picture should bring many times that when sold here.

I have also been very well rewarded by dealing in antiques and collectibles from other countries. Back when I thought I had to own every piece of Royal Doulton ever made, I often was able to purchase rare pieces of Kingsware from sellers from Australia. I would purchase these pieces from there but then list them back on eBay with my address in this country. They would sell for sometimes three times what I had to pay for them. Why was this, you are asking? The reason I think was because people were fearful of sending money out of the country. I have to admit that I never made a bad trade overseas and every person I dealt with was honorable. The only bad trades that I have ever had were from people here at home and there have been very few of those. I find most people that deal in antiques and collectibles are honest.

Believe it or not Canada is a terrific market for us here in the United States. I am not sure of where the currencies stand today but I have often made trade in Canada where the difference in the exchange rate assured me a more than fair return on my money. I have purchased several paintings by American painters from Canada and I have never failed to at least double my money. There isn't a reason to fear dealing with others that live outside the USA and I would encourage it because I find it very profitable. Once I purchased a Rosenburg tile in Florida and the next day sold it in Canada for a $3500 profit. You just can't do better than that and I had established a client for life because I would deal with him, even though he didn't live in the U.S.

I have bought and sold items from Japan to South America and the people seem to be more gracious than most because they felt trusted. So don't hesitate to bid on something that you think will meet your requirements for purchase just because of where it is located.

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