Friday, May 22, 2009

“ Flash ! New Opportunity “ - Daryle Lambert's Antique and Collectible Club – What is Hot and What is Not?

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I have mentioned to our readers that it is often the case that the successful people strike when the iron is hot. There might be an opportunity out there right now that you could capitalize on. Remember when I shared with you about me and my friends starting a Canine magazine and how I made so much money from dog figurines that I was almost ashamed of myself. Yes you heard that right almost. Warner took the Bull by the horns and started the Lotton Club and the rest is history. He is mister Lotton whether anyone likes it or not. Well what do you think about this?

Why doesn't someone start an American Idol Club and handle all the items pertaining to this show and its cast of characters.. As long as the public continues to have a love affair with this show the interest in the memorabilia from it will gain in value. Yes at first most of the items will be fairly cheap but as they are promoted and the common is separated from the rare the values will escalate. I searched but didn't really find anyone taking advantage of this opportunity. Most of the people that are following the show are only interested in what is happening with the characters but I could find very little about the money making opportunities that the show presents.

Here is what I am thinking. Personal items from the hosts would be great. Just think about having tickets signed by Simon Cowell or Paula Abdul don't you think they will appreciate over time. Personal effects such as clothing and even cars that they have owned might fetch a pretty penny in todays markets. Let your mind loose and think of all the things that followers of this show would like to own.

The best part doesn't stop there but continues with every new series when the list of contestants are reduced until there is a fevered pitch to see who the final one standing will be? Now you have an entirely new flood of memorabilia to provide the collector. How about this time when the winner was already basically crowned but Adam Lambert didn't get the crown because he was nosed out by upstart Kris Allen. More things for the collector were just created and you can be the the big dog. My question is who is going to step up and grab this golden ring?

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