Tuesday, May 19, 2009

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I try every day to lead you in a direction that will ensure your success. Yesterday one of our members of the "Daryle Lambert's Antique and Collectible Club" shared something with me that I just have to pass on to you. He had a vision that most wouldn't have imagined and it had to do with selling several pieces of furniture at the same time.
If you were lucky enough to buy a wonderful cherry sideboard from the mid 1800's how would you merchandise it? Would it end up in an auction where the auction house would receive up to 50% of the selling price or maybe on eBay where most likely it wouldn't come near the true value of the piece because of the depression on the online auctions today? This isn't saying that these auctions don't serve a purpose but today it is difficult to get top prices on them when people are holding on dearly to every penny that crosses their palm. Even less attractive is putting it in a mall when their traffic has been reduced to a dribble. I don't think that any of these alternatives are particularly inviting today. So what then?
Well let's make this scenario even more intriguing. Let's say you also have a cherry Jackson Press and an early sugar chest. Are you beginning to get the picture? Yes, this extremely innovative dealer will set up a room in his house or building that takes on the look of when these items were originally used and invite upscale buyers to see them together as they would be in their homes. Wow! This sale would be a great beginning to the year and someone will have greatly enhanced the appearance of their home.
You see when times are difficult it is time to think outside the box. Don't do the things you have always done because that is what everyone else will be doing and guess what, their success will suffer because of it. If you have great merchandise it will sell at great prices if your presentation is different than what they see every day. Even when the collector is saying to himself, that's a great piece but maybe if I wait it will be cheaper, he will change his mind if your presentation sets your merchandise apart from everything else he has seen.
The greatest part of the strategy that is mentioned above is that each sale completed in this manner will return you twice as much money as any other way of disposing of your merchandise. We don't mind that do we? Twice as much money and no more work. That sounds like a winner to me, how about to you?

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