Monday, May 25, 2009

“ Use Your Time Wisely “ - Daryle Lambert's Antique and Collectible blog - God Blessed My Trip.

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I had promised my brother Roger who lives in Bowling Green, Kentucky that I would visit his church camp for over 15 years, but this year I meant it. As the plans came together, I realized that this also would be a great time to take several items to Cecil in Owensboro, Kentucky to sell for me. Packing 5 paintings, 2 pieces of pottery plus my personal effects that old truck of mine was fairly well packed. I called Cecil to tell him I was leaving and he said  "Daryle, you won't believe this but I think that I already have two of the items sold."

I didn't get to do much shopping on this trip but I did have time to think further about the changes that are in the works for the club. I believe that we are finally getting to where our club should be and soon all the special programs that come with the membership will be functional. I know that it has been a long time coming but anything worth its salt takes time. Hopefully this week I will be announcing new members of our staff that will take over the technical side of our club.

My stated goal when I began the 31 Club [ Daryle Lambert's Antique and Collectible Club ] was to provide away for people to have a better life for themselves without having to give someone else thousands of dollars that might not every be returned to them. I hope you remember that verse “Teach someone to fish is better than giving them a fish". That way they will never have to go hungry again. That is what the Daryle Lambert's Antique and Collectible Club means to me.

I just received this week's Antique Trader and there are several auctions listed and I haven't heard from many of you asking for advise on items at auction. Take this time to use the club for your reference source so you can start the summer off right. You also have the Askart resource for paintings at your fingertips by just calling or emailing us at the club about any artist that you need information on.

This blog isn't meant to be information about items to add to your search list. I will start that tomorrow, but I would like to conclude it with the blessing I received this weekend. Over twenty years ago I had a friend in Owensboro Kentucky that stood beside me during some very difficult times and we were reunited at the church camp. It was if we had never been separated. For a part of two days, we talked about the blessings that God had given us since we last saw one another and without a doubt those blessings have been numerous. My friend's name is Max and he and his wife are an example of what a marriage should be and he reminded me that God had to be the center of a marriage. Being with them inspired me to come home and double my efforts to help others.

Being with my brother Roger and his children and grandchildren also reminded me of what family is really about and I hope that in coming years that maybe I will be a better family member than I have in past.
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