Saturday, May 16, 2009

"Papa's Pride" Daryle Lambert's Antique and Collectible Club - “ Joshua is the best.

" Very Proud Papa "

I am just going to take this blog and dedicate it to my 10 year old son. There is no amount of writing that I could do that would fully express my gratitude to God for giving me a son at my advanced age. In the process of trying to find people that would help me extend the reach of the 31 Club, I have been told that I needed someone who could produce and edit film for us and that is a must. I think that I have found that person.

Yesterday I was working on the end of the market day and Joshua said “Dad, will you come downstairs? I want to show you something.” Really feeling that I didn't have the time, but wanting to show my son that he was important to me, I followed him to the living room. Wow! To my surprise he had set up a complete studio for the filming of sections for our website. I had purchased professional equipment for Cindy to use, but, through no fault of hers, we never got around to using it. We have the lighting, sound systems, camera and other components that are required to do a very complete film that will enhance our site even though it has sat idle for awhile.

Joshua started directing me as to how I was to position myself and he also made sure the indirect lighting fell in the proper places. The most exciting thing for me was when he gave me the count down to start filming. I had to take a second glance to be sure that this was truly being done by a 10 year old. After I had completed a few sequences and thought I was through, he told me that he wanted to film a few of the stories that he had heard me tell over the years. So back into the chair I went and enjoyed recanting, as my wife Vickie says, my old war stories.

If these first attempts work out there should be many more to come and it will even be a better way to communicate with our members. They will not only be able to read the information that I share but also see the items being discussed. This will only be one of the many additions that are coming to our site and hopefully I will be able to reveal more of them to you in days to come.

I tried something new on you in this blog and I hope you will respond with your opinion about the change that I am considering. All of us make mistakes even if we have the best of intentions. The name for the Club was my idea and I wanted to follow one theme throughout the site and that was the number "31" which related to the 31 steps to success. Many have told me that was a mistake because it had no reference to what we do but I was hard to convince. Finally I can see the wisdom in this advice that I received and today I am inserting a new name to try on you: Daryle Lambert's Antiques and Collectibles Club. Please send me your thoughts because I will be looking to you for the proper direction in this matter. The most recognized image that is being picked up by the search engines is Daryle Lambert so using the name should increase our traffic to the site and that is the most important thing that we need at the present time as the site is improved.

Please, as we transform the site, give us your ideas because we are becoming a family and every person's opinion in this family is important.

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