Friday, May 29, 2009

“What Makes Us Do This?” - Daryle Lambert's Antique and Collectible Blog - The Satisfaction.

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I have wondered for a long time why I spend so many hours searching for that great treasure that might only be an arm's length from me? “Could it be the money, I ask myself?” Yes, the money is nice, but I have been fortune enough to have made a lot of money in other ventures that I have participated in. Those seemed to have only provided me money but never the real satisfaction that I receive from what I am doing today. If they did, I would still be doing them today. So what is the intrigue about antiques and collectibles that seem to grip us and never let go?

You may have reasons that are different than mine and that is okay, but for me it is the satisfaction of making something happen that is competitive. I enjoy competition and in this game I get to compete with the whole world. Where else do you have this opportunity to use your mind in such a way that it makes you an entry in the greatest game on earth. I watched Lebron James last night as he took over the basketball game in the last quarter and you could see this intense expression on his face with every shot. He was not going to let his team lose and that is the feeling that I get not only from my personal transactions but also from those of our club members. We are in a competition with the whole world and I promise you that I will do everything in my power to see that we win.

Even though I might not get to hold the trophy long, still for a moment, it is mine and I am the winner. I know you're asking yourself what am I talking about. Here is an example. As you know I enjoy dealing in Kentucky Art and over the years I have had my share of wonderful paintings by Patty Thum, Harvey Joiner and Carl Brenner but never did I believe that any of my paintings were the top few paintings by that artist so I just kept on searching. Well here is why I think that I keep doing this. I found the Carl Brenner painting that I believe is as good as any painting he ever did. I more than likely will only own it for a short period of time but I will always be able to say I owned it. Just talking about this painting makes the feeling of excitement swell up inside me that I have never felt before in anything that I have done.

I ask, where else can this joy happen to you just from reaching a goal that you have set for yourself? I talk to hundreds of people and believe it or not when I get an email or call from one of you and you have just purchased a treasure, I usually can feel the excitement you are feeling as you share your find with me. That is what keeps me searching and I believe the same can be said for most of you.

Remember that great quote of Martin Luther King “I have a dream”? I believe that each one of us in this sometimes crazy business can say the same thing he did and finding the Carl Brenner painting was the fulfillment of one of my dreams. I would like to hear if any of your dreams have been fulfilled in this business?

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