Wednesday, May 20, 2009

"Wish upon a Star" - Daryle Lambert's Antique and Collectible Blog – But what can it be worth?

Maxfield Parrish Stars - Thanks to

I haven't been a big fan of prints but there can be exceptions. The Maxfield Parrish prints would fall into this category for me and for pure beauty I don't think they can be surpassed. I believe that Parrish was a true visionary and wanted to have the best art in the world present in every home regardless of the family's wealth. On many levels I think that he was successful in this endeavor because during his years of producing prints of his outstanding paintings there was hardly a home without one being represented in it.

I began to be educated in prints and other paper items when Cecil Roeder took me under his wing even though I am twice his age. He taught me that people would pay big bucks for certain prints, document, signatures and watercolor paintings when I had shied away from them for years. The first time I had my eyes opened by Cecil was at a antique mall when he spotted a very large Maxfield Parrish and said we should purchase it. To me the asking price of $250 seemed rather high but I gave in to his knowledge on the subject and offered $200 which was accepted. If you ever have the privilege to meet Cecil and ask him about me, this is one thing he will share "Daryle will always offer less than I tell him the item is worth and usually he is successful with his offers." This piece was sold later for close to triple our purchase price. Lesson well learned and I will never forget it and neither should you.

This was brought back to my mind today when I received an email from a gentleman asking about the value of a Parrish print “Stars.” I immediately went to my Parrish book by Coy Ludwig and found the print but not much about its value. You guessed it. I called Cecil and he re-educated me about this print. Asking questions about its size, condition and other questions that would be relative to its value he said that it had a range from $1500 if it were mint a year ago to only a few hundred today if there was foxing, fading or other damage. It turned out to be the largest size for this print and collectors are always on the hunt for it in mint condition. Again you can see what Daryle Lamberts Antique and Collectible Club can offer you. I have found that all our members are more than willing to share their knowledge with other members and when you send in questions to me I often go to others in our group to check my answers.

If you aren't utilizing these resources it is a shame because it is there for your taking. Working together we will be set ourselves apart from the usual dealers and this will keep us ahead of the trend. That is where we want to be if success is our goal.

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