Thursday, October 30, 2008

Political Collectibles & Memorabilia: Last Call for 2008 Freebies

I hope you have heeded my advise over this past six months or so and have collected every item you could pertaining to this year’s election. If you have stashed away a nice collection, these items will be as good as money in the bank for you. With the election only a few days away, it’s anyone’s guess who will be declared leader of this great country. In past Blogs (linked for you below) I’ve stated that if Obama is elected, the memorabilia from this election season could be equal in value to that of Washington and Lincoln. If you haven’t collected anything yet, it’s still possible for you to participate in this bonanza.

Go to the local headquarters and pick as much material as they will allow you to take. Offer to post yard signs, because these will have value after the election. If you’ve been lucky enough to have collected early during the campaign season and have pieces signed by the candidate, these can be gold for you. Try to find photographs signed by Obama or school yearbooks from schools he’s attended and signed his name for a friend. Anything with Obama’s signature will put money into your account. Take a look at what’s currently selling on eBay under the candidates names, then look through the completed sales. You’ll get an idea of what current values are and the types of items are most sought after.

History will still be made should McCain be elected, with the Republican party electing the first woman to ever hold the office of Vice President of the United States. I’ve seen Sarah Palin autographing signs for people while she’s been campaigning. Those can be worth a lot of money. Gather everything and anything you can that’s free, and if you have a good hunch about who will win, you might want to bid on a special piece that’s currently selling.

I have been totally surprised by the attention my political memorabilia blogs have received. Two major newspapers in New York have called and interviewed me about my view of where values will go with this year’s election collectibles, and they were surprised at what I had to say. An AP reporter did a story about my view for a California paper earlier this year, and yesterday I was called by an reporter from CBS Television in Los Angeles wanting to do a TV interview, but the time and distance, unfortunately, made that impossible.

Only 5 days to go, so don’t be left out.

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