Thursday, October 2, 2008

Will You Recognize Works by Crossover Artists?

Louis Comfort Tiffany, the King of Glass, whose glass window works might fetch over $1,000,000 also made pottery and painted canvasses. Glass Master, Emile Galle, also painted, as did Charles Stewart Todd, one of Rookwood Pottery’s leading artists. So, why is this important for us to know? If we can connect a name with items that most people don’t usually associate with a particular artist, there can be some real money to be made.

An artist can be talented in more than one area. This can be a sculptor who occasionally painted or a painter who occasionally sculpted. An artist who works in glass might have loved to make furniture or loved to paint. Few people realize that Louis Comfort Tiffany was also a potter whose works are highly sought after, and his paintings can also bring a pretty penny. It might amaze you to know that in 2005, an 18x24 inch of Tiffany canvas board sold for $156,000. I didn’t even like it, but there was one buyer who was willing to pay that price to add it to his or her collection.

Emile Galle, one of my favorite glass artists, was also a crossover artist. While his glass vases are sought after by collectors all over the world and command prices right up there with Tiffany, he also painted. And these can be quite valuable as well.

You might not recognize the name Charles Stewart Todd unless you were familiar with the top artists who worked through Rookwood Pottery, but I recently discovered he also painted canvasses while I was checking out a painting at an auction house. It was signed CWT, and I wondered if it could be the same as the potter whose work I keep an eye out for. As most my readers know by now, I’m originally from Kentucky and I keep an eye out for works by Kentucky artists, and Charles Stewart Todd came from a town close to my hometown. All it took to get the answer to my question was to read the sales flyer and yes, it was the same artist. You can be assured I’ll be watching this auction with extra interest.

You might want to check out a few of the Rookwood artists to see if they worked in other areas. Most artists are better recognized for their work in one field rather than the other. Even so, when they have dabbled in another field and you’ve found an item of theirs in a category they aren’t usually known for, it can be gold for you.

Today's Photo is an example of a painting by Louis Comfort Tiffany.


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