Monday, October 13, 2008

Recognize Today's Opportunity in Antiques & Fine Art. Buy, Buy, Buy

Rookwood Lamp by Margaret McDonald is offered at 31 Club Gallery & Marketplace

At this time, should we sell everything we own? A lot of very rich people on a TV program I watched late last night said we should. Are they right? It’s interesting to me that this was the general consensus, because I can assure you, they haven’t sold a thing. In fact, they will probably be the buying as everyone else is selling.

Take a look at Warren Buffet, a man most consider the smartest investor in the world. What’s he doing these days? He’s spending billions buying up the best companies he can find. I’d rather follow him than all those people who say the sky is falling.

So what should traders of antiques, collectibles and fine art be doing right now? The same thing we’ve been studying all year long at the 31 Club. We should be buying the best we can with the knowledge we’ve gained. We should be keeping our goals in front of us at all times, and moving forward even in the midst of this economic hysteria.

If someone is willing to sell you a Tiffany lamp for half of what its value was a year ago, buy it, of course. This is the time to take advantage of the mass hysteria sweeping the country. There’s never been a better opportunity to acquire some of the finest items at great prices. There is an old song that says a fool jumps in. That’s exactly what’s happening now. The stock market crash and burn has been the result of panic selling. People have jumped over the cliff, and many of them don’t know why they did. If you’re tempted to jump over the cliff, take a look behind you and see whether anyone is pushing you over the cliff or you’re doing it voluntarily.

Right now, valuables that have lost the least in this economic shakeout are the true artistic rarities in the Antique and Fine Art fields. I’m asking members of the 31 Club to turn around, see through the ash clouds of this economic hysteria and buy during this time. This is a great buying opportunity. The best items picked up during this time will be the ones that gain tremendous value as the economic climate improves. You cannot go wrong today buying the best Art Pottery like Rookwood, Grueby, Newcomb, and Ohr. The better Art Glass like Tiffany, Daum Nancy, Galle, Quezal, Rene Lalique, and many others will only gain in value and add to your bottom line. Fine Art Paintings that are being marketed at values far below their true value today are my personal favorites. This is a great time to look for paintings that represent artists who lived in your region. There will always be buyers for their works.

Yes, the common items so many people bought from garage sales for pennies and put up for sale on eBay might not be good sellers at this time. Then again, that’s not where we, at the 31 Club, want to be anyway. We aim to be dealing in the higher end of the market place, with items that are highly desirable and rare.

Right before leaving on vacation, I left six bids at an upcoming auction for paintings by listed artists I thought had been undervalued by the auction house. I won’t know if I purchased any of them until I return home, but my wish is that I purchased everyone of them.

Another event, right before leaving on vacation, was a call from man with twelve pieces of Lotton Glass he wanted to sell. I told him I would buy every one of his pieces. When I return home, I hope to purchase these.

As you can see, I will continue to buy the better pieces until I run out of money and can’t get any more. If I couldn’t buy now, I would get out of the business because this is the easiest time to make money in Antiques and Fine Art. You might be asking why I say that. Well, here’s why: When prices are up, the sellers think they should be getting top dollar for anything they sell, regardless of its true value. In a down market, people just want to get out at any price. That’s why you can find bargain during these times.

So, buy, buy, buy. You’ll be glad you did.

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