Friday, September 5, 2008

Historical Memorabilia: The Stakes Keep Getting Higher

In past blogs, I have suggested that you back up the truck and fill it with anything pertaining to this year’s election. With election day only about 2 months away, time is running out to gather what you can now if you plan on cashing in later. With the selection of Sarah Palin as VP, now it isn't just a pot of gold you’re looking for but all of Fort Knox. Whoever wins, history will be made in this election. Don't know what Fort Knox is? It’s where all of this country’s gold is stored.

Because I have been so blessed and seen so much over my lifetime, few things really get me very excited anymore. But I can tell you this: The events of this year’s election have caused my heart to really pump. Who needs to watch night time TV programs when this year’s election is splashed across the screen nightly, and it holds more drama than a screenwriter can pen without creating a believability problem? History will be made come this November. Will you have the memorabilia from it?

In a past blog, I wrote that I thought Barack Obama was one of the most appealing candidates to come on the political scene since Ronald Reagan. Although I won’t be voting for him, my opinion hasn’t changed, because our views of the world are still miles apart. However, I do think he believes in everything he’s shared with his audience.

I haven't written about John McCain yet, but his views are more closely in line with the ones I hold than Obama’s views are.

I figure if Obama wins, it will change politics to a more socialistic environment rather than a capitalistic one, like I personally favor. An Obama win could erase the racial stains this country has had for over two hundred years. That’s something to get excited about, however, if it supresses the individual entrepreneurial effort in this country, it can prove devastating. Either way, I think this election will prove to be one of the greatest historical events in my lifetime.

That old maverick, John McCain startled the world by not selecting who everyone anticipated as his running mate, but a woman that few had ever heard of. Yes, I wanted a woman on the ticket, but Sarah, who? That sentiment only lasted until I learned more about her and then heard her speeches. I do believe a superstar had been born many years ago and finally made it to center stage. Her election alongside John McCain will be a milestone for women in this country.

But aside from the tangible changes toward progress -- electing the country's first African American President or the first Woman Vice President -- in the end, it will be only one party who will lead us across an unknown threshold. Whoever wins will define how that change shapes who and what our nation becomes in the years ahead. What will we change to? Who will we become? The direction this changes takes us might very well prove to be a huge marker in the life of our country, for better or for worse, and it might have the power to seal our fate.

Having said that, I believe the stark difference in the candidates will make the Election of 2008 equal in historical importance to that of George Washington and of Abraham Lincoln. So, load up on memorabilia.

I don’t usually like to end a blog on a sad note, however I cannot end today's blog without acknowledging the passing of Ralph Kovel. The entire Antique Industry has truly lost a great and passionate friend. We at the 31 Club, send our condolences to the entire Kovel family and offer up our prayers for each one of them during this time in their lives. We ask our club members to remember Ralph Kovel and the Kovel family in their prayers, as well.

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