Thursday, March 20, 2008

Barack Obama and Political Memorabilia

Tuesday,I watched a young man give a speech that surpassed any that I’ve heard in my 54 years of being interested in politics. My father was a very well respected Republican in Kentucky, and I was the County Chairman for the Republicans, as well as, involved in several state and national campaigns. But, I am compelled to say that Senator Obama's speech on racism was better than any I heard from Martin Luther King or any other self proclaimed authority on the subject. You might not agree with what he said, but his message was a home run. I felt like I was looking directly into the man’s soul. Never have I heard the racial issues so well explained nor an offer to rise above it expressed quite as he did.

I have to confess that there is no way I could vote for him, because we are so different in our views of the world. However, I think that within Obama is the ability to do great things. I have heard some people say he speaks well, but do you know him? My answer to them is --did you know John F. Kennedy or Ronald Reagan? I think most fair minded people would say they were great leaders, even if you didn't always agree with them.

Perhaps I could take a chance on Obama if the entire Congress could be dismissed, but that isn't going to happen. With no checks and balances in our government, I don't think I could sleep at night if I voted that way.

So, what does this have to do with Antiques, Collectibles and the 31 Club? Believe it or not, everything I’ve said will help you make a lot of money. Buy everything you can that has anything to do with this election, anything that has Obama’s signature, picture or any mention of him on it. These are going to be historical documents and highly sought after by many collectors. Remember, most collectors are trying to buy back their past ,and in my entire lifetime, I have never seen so much passion in an election as I have in this one. It’s not too late, and the value of these items will escalate after the election, whether he wins or not.

I apologize in advance if I have offended any of my regular readers or anyone else, but I have to call them as I see them. While I could not vote for Obama, I would be untrue to myself if I wasn’t man enough to state that I believe he is a true man of greatness. I will never have the opportunity to see things as he does, but I give him the right to his views, like I hope he will give me mine. If I had a conversation with Senator Obama, I believe we would both leave with a respect and understanding between us. It would be a great honor to shake his hand some day.

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  1. Thanks Daryl for your honest and informative blogs. I especially appreciated this blog and thought it was right on! Thanks for all that you do! BTW, I made quite a profit selling my silver last week!! I've had that stuff since the Hunt days and was sure glad to get rid of it! You're the best!

  2. Loetzdance

    I think you will even be happier in a few months. The gold Bugs are still saying gold is going to $5000. They will never tell you to sell because they are always the ones making the money buy sellint it to people.


  3. Regardless of any possible "greatness" that is within in Sen. Obama we'll never know, because as long as he's a black man, he'll never be voted President of these United States.

    I'd like to share a story as an example of why an African American will NEVER be voted President.

    The year is 1994 and a seated NY state superior court judge was working in his chambers when he started to experience shortness of breath and pain in his chest.

    He'd recently eaten lunch so he passed it off as heartburn or gas.

    As he told this to his clerk, she insisted he go to the emergency room and gets checked out, he thought it foolish, but went nonetheless.

    To shorten the story, when he arrive he was placed in an area behind a curtain, while he was waiting fro the Dr. to come see him, the judge said, "they put a man who smelled of urine and very dirty and “unkept" next to him and pulled the curtain.

    The judge says, "I hear the nurse telling the Dr. We have a judge waiting," the judge continues, "as the Dr. steps around the curtain he see me, now standing, a black man dressed in a pair of navy blue Books Brothers suit pants w/braces, pinstripe button down shirt and a Rolex watch and a dirty, smelly white guy." "He stops, looks at me again quickly and then turns to the derelict white man and said, while closing the curtain behind him, "Your honor, what seems to be the problem"

    The judge told me how the Dr. profusely apologized when he'd discovered his error, but the judge said he never said a word.

    In a country where an emergency room doctor can see a dirty homeless white guy as a NY State superior court judge rather than believe an African American could hold that position tells me that…Barrack Obama won't EVER be voted President!!

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