Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Making Money From the Doctor

1930's Dr. Pepper porcelain sign, 10" x 24", sold on eBay for $545

We talked about making money with doctor items yesterday, but when I ask my wife to read that blog she said, “ Why don't you write about my favorite doctor?” This stumped me for a moment until I realized she was talking about “Dr Pepper.” Yes, Vickie is a Pepper and proud of it. So, today, I’m dedicating this blog to her.

To please her, I’ll share a brief history of Dr. Pepper: Charles Alderton was the one who discovered the formula for this popular drink, back in 1885, when he was a soda jerk for Morrison’s Old Corner Store in Waco, Texas. It soon became very popular with the local customers, so much so, that the store had a hard time keeping up with the demand. Mr. Alderton wanted to name the new soda, “Waco, ” but he was overridden by the store owner, Mr. Morrison, who named the drink after a friend by the name of Dr. Pepper. The Dr. Pepper company was formed in 1891, and its product was introduced to the world in 1904 at the Worlds Fair. It's the oldest major manufacturing company of soft drink concentrates and syrups in the United States.

Wow! That was a mouth full, but now, how can begin to make money with this information? There millions of people around the world that now call themselves ”Peppers” and wouldn't think of drinking any other soda. Doesn’t it make sense that some of them would be collectors? This is where you come in by finding the early and rare items produced by the Dr Pepper Company and selling them to the collectors.

The large tin signs from yesteryear are sought after and command prices in the upper hundreds to the lower thousands. Then, there are the early bottles and advertising, plus advertising glasses and calendars. The array of items that are out there to be found is almost without number, and they can help put money in your pocket.

I remember the time I saw an early Dr. Pepper advertising tin surrounding an outdoor thermometer sell for several thousand dollars, and I had seen the very same piece at a garage sale priced at $10. Boy, did I feel foolish for having passed that by.

The lesson to be learned here is that we don't have to make this business difficult. Just look for items representing products from you past, and that you’ve seen your friends using. There are collectors for just about everything you can imagine. And you can probably check this out for yourself by doing a search on the Internet.

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