Tuesday, October 21, 2008

People Want to Know

Yesterday was quite a surprise for my first day back. I received a call, from Christina Hoag of the Associated Press of L.A., wanting to know how I felt about the Antique and Art business during this crisis. Guess what I shared with her? Now is the time to buy - because people are selling their better Antiques and Art to make ends meet. Remember there are always buyers for the rare and unusual so this is an opportune time for you to make your money for the year.

When I had finished this interview, I spoke with Walt Kolenda and Mindy about the Auction Wally Show we would be doing that evening. It is always a pleasure to share my thoughts and ideas with the wonderful people that listen to the Auction Wally Show. Hopefully some of what I said has value for their listeners. This was the first time that I talked to Mindy and she sound very excited about this business. I look forward to talking to her more in the future about the contemporary art and collectibles that she seems to be so knowledgeable about.

Guess what else happened? I was checking Yahoo and there was an article that talked about how Craig's List was being used by people to meet their financial needs. Great minds think alike - wouldn't you say? They are a little late with this article because anyone who reads my blog would have already known this. I recently put four paintings on Craig's list and I received four responses today. I will keep you informed as to my success, but this seems like a very good start.

Everything seemed to be going in the right direction yesterday - I even received an email from Christie's with an estimate on a painting that I may send to have them auction off (the estimate valued the painting at twice what I expected.) How often does that happen and who says the market is soft?

The 31 Club held a board meeting last night and I can tell you that my feet aren't touching the ground yet. I can't share with you all the great things we discussed, but in coming days I hope to reveal some wonderful news to all my readers. There are some exciting things on the horizon if certain things can be accomplished by the 31 Club. Stay tuned for further reports.

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