Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Obama Memorabilia - A Big Deal

31 Club’s main goal is to help our members make money, and we do this trading in antiques, fine art and collectibles. If you are looking for a way to make up for your stock market losses, this is the place to roll up your sleeves and get to work, especially in the next few weeks before the election. So if you haven’t joined with us yet, why not do that now.

Why are the next few weeks important? In previous blogs, I’ve written about the historical significance of this election. I’ve even written that this election might compare, historically, with the election of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. I’m repeating this again, because after last night’s debate, it’s my prediction that Barak Obama will be our new President. In the world of political memorabilia, this is a big deal.

I don’t make my prediction lightly. Obama’s plans for this country are 180 degrees from where I think the country should go, but after tuning in to the debate, it seemed to me that McCain just wasn’t up to the task of selling his plan to a country thirsty for change. Watching the demise of a man who has given so much of his blood, sweat and tears to this country, and whose courage, sacrifice and perseverance I have long admired was a difficult thing. McCain looked tired and used the same tired lines and catch phrases he’s used in the past. Somehow, I was hoping for more.

But, in this country, the majority rules and every man’s vote should count. Part of the beauty of how this country is governed is that it gives a new president four years to lead, and after that time, he can be replaced if the electorate isn’t satisfied. Yes, Obama will be my next President, and I wish him well. He will have the weight of the world on his shoulders, and I ask for God’s wisdom and strength to guard him. My only hope is that our country can become that shining light on the hill.

So, if you didn’t take a truck to the convention to fill up on anything and everything Obama, now there's only have a few more weeks to buy everything you can find that’s connected to Barak Obama. Everything that pertains to him will increase in value ten fold over the next couple of years. Obama’s signature on almost anything will become a true treasure, and collectors will be searching high and low for these items. Can you find a signed copy of his books? In only a matter of years, it will command thousands of dollars. Just take a look at what the Obey-Giant Obama Posters have already sold for on eBay.

Your parents and your teachers probably told you all your life that timing is everything. Well, they were right, and this is one of those rare moments.

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