Saturday, October 4, 2008

Law Enforcement Memorabilia

A little boy or little girl lives in all of us, and I was reminded of this when my grandson told me he wanted to enter the police academy after graduating from college. He has a deep desire to help other people, he told me. I took a step back and reflected on this decision, and I realized that while I work with a lot of people individually and through the church, I am always aware of my surroundings and feel completely safe. My grandson isn’t thinking about his own safety, but rather the help he could give others. I used to feel like that as a youngster. I wonder where those feelings went. In a way, I feel ashamed I’ve lost them. So, do these ramblings today have anything to do with antiques, collectibles or fine art. I’m sure you won’t be surprised to know they do.

It’s good to revisit the past lives we’ve lived from time to time. One of the first rules I shared with my members was to go back into your past and consider the items from that time. Over the years, many of these items have become sought after and valuable. I began to recall the days I spent hours chasing my buddies in a game of cops and robbers. I collected comics about the police and was so inspired by the test of character they went through over life and death situations. Many of my hours were spent glued to the TV watching shows like Dragnet and Starsky & Hutch.

Law Enforcement Memorabilia is an unlimited and fruitful field for the true collector. If you can find some of these items, there is a collector out there who’d be grateful you’ve found that special piece for him. There are so many items that represent this area that I couldn’t possibly list them all, so I’ll mention just a few. How about badges and uniforms? Badges from certain cities can bring huge dollars, but these don’t even compare to the badges from the Wild West and Texas Ranger Badges. Signatures of the good buys as well as the bad guys can bring thousands, and old wanted posters are collected by many. Photos of people running from the law when they got shot are on most law enforcement collectors’ wish lists.

Board Games that can probably be found thrown in with worthless games at almost any garage or estate sale can be bought for a song. Tin Toys from Japan and Cast Iron cars and Motorcycles can bring thousands.

When you remember that little boy or girl who lives within you and you may stumble upon an area of the antique and collectible world you have a true passion for. The time spent writing this blog today has given me such a wonderful gift today as the images of my friend dressed up in his new sheriff’s outfit come up as if they were splashed across a movie screen. I can see how proud he was to be wearing that shiny badge on his chest, carrying those two six shooters at his side. The days of calling him and reminiscing about our youthful days is long gone, but for today, this momentary visit to the past fills my heart with great joy.

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