Thursday, October 16, 2008

Art Treasures from Mexico

Mexican Silver and Malachite Parrot Center Piece is offered at the 31 Club Gallery

Being in California this week has given me the opportunity to talk with many citizens of Mexican decent. Their friendliness has allowed me to ask them about the art and antiques produced south of our border, and to my amazement, they were very open, and their knowledge of rare items surprised and educated me.

I was aware of the silver from the Taxco region and the art of Diego Rivera, but very little else of what I might be looking for from Mexico. From our conversations, I now know that my education in Mexican treasures is very limited, and I am determined to change this as soon as I return to Chicago.

I learned from the people I met that quality items from Mexico are spread throughout this country and can be found in just about every state. Jewelry of coin silver has been produced in Mexico for hundreds of years, and some of the most beautiful pieces in the world had their beginning in the Taxco region. Some of the best goldsmiths ever to work with this precious metal came from this area, and their pieces can be found throughout Mexico and the States. Women from around the world have treasured their collections representing different types of pins, bracelets, and necklaces that often are adorned with precious stones.

Collections of pottery and textiles made by the native people of Mexico adorn the most prestigious collections throughout the world. Dealers often make the mistake of thinking that the only items that come across our borders from Mexico are the cheap commercial items that sell in the tourist shops, but I can guarantee you that there are great opportunities to profit by having the necessary knowledge to distinguish what are rare and common items from Mexico.

I also learned about the abundance of quality art produced by Mexican artists. I knew Diego Rivera’s work could bring up to a million and a half dollars, but past him, I’ve had very little knowledge of other artists. Since I know there must be more of these fine artists, when I returned back to our base, I got on the computer to do some research. I found several artists’ works I’d like to bring to your attention.

From 1932, a little pencil drawing, just 9 x 11 inches by Kahlo, sold for $13,000 while paintings by Francisco Zunigo and Luis Lopez each brought in thousands. I would suggest that you use your computer to find even more Mexican artist that will pay you handsomely, if you find them in your search.

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