Saturday, October 25, 2008

Surprise Value in Souvenirs

I have always thought of Souvenirs as trinkets, but no more. There are serious collectors for items that remind people of wonderful memories of time spent family or friends.

The secret of making money with souvenirs is to find items that were made only in small amounts. For example, Olympic Torches bring huge money. A 1992 Barcelona Olympics can sell for $5000 or more, and a torch from the 1984 Los Angles event will bring over $4000. This is just one of the items you might have acquired if you have been fortune enough to attend an Olympics. Paper items such as pamphlets about certain attractions or schedules of events are eagerly sought after by collectors who are willing to pay big money for the right ones.

One of the biggest collections of souvenirs I’ve seen was one a gentleman had put together of the Statue of Liberty. It was composed of thousands of items in every shape, form, and fashion one could imagine. There were snow globes, ashtrays, spoons and figurines, and this is just a starter list. Small items ranging from key chains to large structures eight or nine feet high made up this large collection. When I asked him why he had such an interest in the Statue of Liberty, he told me that his parents came to this country as immigrants, and he never wanted to forget what this country meant to his family. Boy, do I wish more of our immigrants felt that way today.

Niagara Falls is another area of collecting to people who remember this as the most romantic place in the world. It used to be known as the honeymoon capital of the world. Many types of souvenirs were produced for the visitors of this world renowned wonder.

One of the greatest things about finding souvenirs is that they are so easy to sell. You may even find collector clubs who will notify members of items you want to sell.
Some of my personal favorites are the items made to help you remember your visit to My Old Kentucky Home. I am sure this isn't a huge surprise to you who know me. Sometimes some of the items we think don’t have much value to us have great value to others. Fun and profit is our motto, and souvenirs fill both these.

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