Tuesday, May 20, 2008

2008 Political Memorabilia Will Make Fortunes of Us Regular Folk

Hillary Clinton 2008 Topps Baseball Card, autographed on the back, sold for $725 on eBay, May 13, 2008. There were only 18 cards printed.

More fortunes will be made in political memorabilia items from this election season than in any other time in history. I am more convinced of this now than I was back in August, when I began writing this subject.

This thought came to the forefront of my mind yesterday during a conversation I had with eBay Powerseller, Skip McGrath. He was looking to share some timely information with his many readers and customers, so he asked where I thought there was a real niche market in the antiques & collectibles business; one that was highly profitable.

You see, Skip McGrath is in the business of helping others make money with eBay. He’s one of the best known names in the industry, so keeping his readers and customers current and satisfied is second nature to him.

“Daryle,” Skip said. “Is there a niche right now that’s highly profitable?”
I can’t believe how quickly the answer came to me. It came in a flash. Political Memorabilia; without question.

I’ve discussed this topic in previous Blogs, so you might want to look those up to refresh yourself. If you’re new to the blog, scroll back or check the category list to find them. So, today, let’s get a little more detailed in the types of items that could become quite valuable, in addition to those previously mentioned.

High School and College Yearbooks from the schools that Clinton, McCain, and Obama attended will become highly sought after. If they are signed by the candidates, their value could escalate to the moon after the results of this election.

Personal Letters will command astonishing prices. For example, personal letters from Abraham Lincoln could bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars today. If Barack Obama is elected President, his personal letters could achieve that same status.
Photographs of the candidates will be competing with photographs of top athletes for the highest prices.

Articles of Clothing will be compared in value to costumes that Elvis wore. (Look up some of those, if you dare.)

This morning on eBay, 1065 Hillary Clinton Items were listed for sale; 722 McCain items and 2812 Obama items for sale.

Number of sold items show Hillary Clinton coming in with 2,753 sales, McCain with 1,745 sales, and Obama ringing in 8,000 sales for eBay.

The highest price paid on eBay shown this morning indicates a high price for Hillary Clinton at $725 for 2008 Topps Baseball Card, autographed.

A signed on-the-spot and authenticated baseball produced John McCain’s high selling price of $273.98.

Barack Obama comes in with a whopping $2,700 sale of an Obey Giant Shepard Fairey Complete Set of 4 signed/numbered prints.

In other words, anything that can be connected to these candidates will be going to auctions throughout the world, sold to the highest bidder. When the Kennedy Collectibles came to auction, they sold at stunning prices. I particularly remember John Jr.’s rocking horse being hammered at an amazing price. I can’t stress enough how this election has the historical value not seen since our founding fathers stood together and started this great nation.

This event will not be a one day wonder, so everyone still has time to participate in this upcoming auction bonanza. I’ve seen items already selling on eBay, yet no one has shown me a single article written about this subject, except for my own. So, don’t be asleep at the wheel while dealers and collectors are working under a cloak of secrecy. Get out there and get your share at a great price before the articles start pouring in over the wires. Then, when you start seeing article after article on the value of this election’s political memorabilia, you’ll have your items on hand to cash in big when the market takes a hike straight upward. Your cash out value can then fund your next big purchase(s), sought after by worldwide collectors.

The opportunity that only comes about once every hundred years or so could be staring you in the face today. Don’t miss it.

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