Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Cashing in on Superstar Mania

Some entertainers remain popular over the years, while some simply fade into the sunset. Who really knows why. The Beatles and Elvis certainly qualify as entertainers whose appeal has passed the test of time, and collectors throughout the world will always pay a good price for a rare item of theirs. This situation makes it ideal for us to make a lot of money, even though our focus might be on other items.

If you feel inclined to add these types of items to your search, there’s a few techniques that might make this easier for you. Pick out three superstars from your past and let everyone you meet know that all items about these people interest you. You might even make cards that specifically include these names on them. Cards can be easily purchased for as little as $18 for 500. In fact, you can get FREE Business Cards right here. No there’s no excuse.

Visit as many resale shops as you can and save Saturdays for flea markets, garage sales, and house sales. Make sure every shop you visit and every person you meet has your card in hand. I just heard of a woman who purchased a Beatles album for $1 or so whose value is in the thousands.

I’ve shared in a blog earlier this year about my friend, Colin, who has the largest collection in the world of items put out by his favorite group – Bones Thugs & Harmony. While this certainly isn’t my favorite, people certainly have different tastes. Over the years, by selling off duplicate items he’s acquired, his bank account has grown substantially, while his collection remains intact and has skyrocketed in value. This young man has already learned the principles we teach at 31 Club.

I've written a 220 page book that teaches regular people how to buy and sell antiques, collectibles, and fine art for profit. When you join the 31 Club for a one time charge, the book is FREE! As a member of 31 Club, you'll have the opportunity to learn all about antiques, collectibles and fine art while you're out there looking right off the bat. So, if you've simply been reading the blog, I'm here to tell you that you're missing a lot. The book is a treasure chest of inside the industry secrets that will definitely save years off your life. Take the plunge here, and come out ahead of the pack.

Today's Photo: Beatles 1st state Butcher Cover, Mono, "Yesterday & Today," from 1966 sold on eBay through Phillip Weiss Auctions for $3,500.

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