Monday, October 6, 2008

Stemware Right Under Your Nose

Tiffany Favrile Ribbed Glass Stemware Service, circa 1901, recently sold on eBay for $4,500.

Most companies conducting a house sale or estate sale will put their better items in showcases, in the dining room hutch, or on a table in the living room close to the check out. This way, they think these items are more secure and less likely to be damaged. So, this is where I usually look first. I check for the more rare and expensive art glass items, figurines that might catch my eye, and good artwork. Often times, I’ve left empty handed. However, recently I found a way to make leaving empty handed a less likely occurrence.

You see, now I know I may have been passing up fine treasures in the area of stemware because of my lack of experience in these items. Little did I know that some stemware can command prices equal to the finest art glass. This really adds up when there is from twelve to fifty pieces of the same pattern being offered in stemware and accessories. When you figure the potential profit per piece from $20 to $100 each, for example, you can see that a nifty profit can be had. Until I realized that stemware could make the day for me, I would have passed on these treasures. I seldom attend a sale without seeing groups of fine stemware being offered and this has now opened up a new avenue for me.

One stemware winner that has appeared on eBay recently is a set of Tiffany stemware that sold for $4,500. The set included nineteen stemmed pieces, each one bringing in over $230 apiece. I have no doubt that the seller had less than 30% of that price in as his investment. If my math is right, his profit should have been almost $3,000.

Baccarat, Moser, Gorham, Waterford and Orrefors are just a few of the better names in stemware you might watch for, because they all can make you serious money when you buy them right. What I like about these items is that there is a ready market, even if you choose to use eBay to sell them. Regular auctions can be a great outlet to sell, and now you have the opportunity to use the 31 Marketplace with its extremely low fees to sell as well. The sale of stemware should almost be immediate, and your investment plus profit will be back in your account to use for your next purchases.

Look where other eyes pass over the obvious and be willing to continually learn more. By doing this, your bank account will be greatly enhanced.

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