Saturday, August 30, 2008

This Year’s Political Memorabilia: WOW! WOW! WOW!

With the nomination of Governor Sarah Palin as VP on the Republican ticket, now we have a real election with definite choices. But, what’s important to us is -- can we make money with it? Yes, we can. Regardless of whom you’re rooting for. You see, before today, there was only one party that could make history, but now, which ever party wins, history will be made. I believe this election will rate within the top five great elections of all times. Right up there with Washington, Lincoln and Kennedy. In the world of Political Memorabilia, that means mega bucks.Yesterday’s events have heightened the possibility of for us.

Since the Primaries began, I’ve been writing about getting out there and stocking up on the free memorabilia generated from this election, from both parties. Today, I almost want to command you to go out there and find posters, pins, photographs, ribbons and anything else that represents this election. Go to rallies, town hall meeting, debates, party headquarters and anywhere else you think of where material from this election might be hiding. Those who started early during the Primaries and were able to get their items signed now have a real treasure in their hands.

November is right around the corner, and time is running out for you to acquire these items. What are you waiting for? Items are already escalating in price on eBay and other auctions. You can check this out by going to eBay and doing a word search for McCain, then Obama, and then Palin. Then check the completed sales prices.

Pick up some items while they’re still free. Or, purchase a real treasure at an auction for a good price now, because I don’t think we’ve seen anything yet. Pins, posters and other items from this historic election, featuring Obama and Biden plus McCain and Palin will likely bring in thousands upon thousands just a few years from now.

My Dad, God bless him, told me once, “If you see your lucky star be sure to grab hold and never let it go.” Well this election can be a lucky star for anyone who takes advantage of this opportunity. I am 67 years old, and in my lifetime, there has never been an opportunity like this one. I challenge you to look through price guides and see the prices people are paying for political memorabilia that has very little historic value. Memorabilia from this election will rate up there with the best of the best.

Do you remember the auction of Kennedy's personal affects? His desk, I think, brought several hundred thousand dollars and then other offerings tripled and quadrupled their estimated values. Kennedy's belongings will nowhere match the value of the belongings of winners of today’s candidates in this election.

When you discover where you can either buy or get these free collectibles, try to get more than one. You’ll find the value will have greatly increased shortly after the election, and you can cash in on some short term, but and save some items to cash in long term, and some to pass down to your children.

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  1. So you believe that these items will go up in value even if the candidate on the poster, pin, etc loses?

    An Obama/Shepard Fairey poster going for $500 on eBay will rise in price significantly in, say, 6-12 months? You don't think there's a possibility that the prices are sky rocketing now merely due to the excitement of the unknown? That everyone is just caught up in the excitement, but once everything is decided and a President is elected, the prices will come down?

    You don't see that happening?

  2. Yes. The items from this election haven't even started their climb in value.