Saturday, October 18, 2008

One of Those Distressing Days

Last night about 7:00 PM, my wife and I got a call from my son Joshua with news we didn't expect. “Daddy, Grandmother didn’t pick me up from soccer tonight,” he said. That took a little time to sink in, since Vickie and I are in Palm Springs. At first we thought that maybe Grandma had misunderstood what she was supposed to do, thinking Joshua was going to walk home. Unfortunately, this didn’t prove to be the case.

Joshua’s coach took him home and discovered that our car wasn’t there, and Joshua’s Grandmother was no place to be found. Time now seemed to stand still for a while. We had no choice but to call the police, and we did. Some time later, the police located our car in the parking lot of a Walgreens drug store about a mile from where we live, but no Grandmother yet in sight. We can’t figure out why she would’ve been there when there’s a Walgreens about half a block from our house she could walk to.

The purpose of this letter was to ask for your prayers for my family. Just yesterday, I wrote about how we at the 31 Club are family and we would pray for each other if someone asked. I’m asking for your prayers now. Please pray that she is found and is safe and well.

News Update:

I can now tell you that our loved one, Vickie’s stepmother, was just found and is just fine. You can imagine how upset she was after being lost in a city she wasn’t familiar with for over four hours. You can’t imagine how the tears are flowing here in California. I would like to change my request for prayer to one of praise and of thanking G-d for his mercy and protection

I am really drained, so with your permission, I will ask that this suffice as my blog for today, and I just thank you for being here.

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