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The goal that we set for ourselves in the Antique and Collectible business is to deal in the best of the best whatever that happens to be, whether it is paintings, antiques or collectibles. No, as a new dealer, it won't always be possible to start at the top, but that should remain your goal because that is where the real money is. Remember my illustration in my book, 31 Steps to Your Millions in Antiques and Collectibles, where by taking a penny and doubling it for 31 days, you will have $21,500,000 in your bank account. No, at those first few steps you won't be dealing in expensive items, but if you continue to follow my instructions you soon will be.

I have often shared with you where a person made an outstanding buy and their rewards were astronomical. This happened because they were able, due to their knowledge, to buy something that was the best when others didn't recognize it, and sell it as the best to someone who did. It wasn't that the person bought something of little value and found someone willing to pay a huge price for a common piece.

That is why I believe the climb in items associated with Tiger Woods has just begun. When it comes to golf he is the best of the best and his present troubles will only bring him more into the limelight. He will now be known by everyone, not just those interested in golf. I remember when Ali was the most known name in the world, don't you? The question is why and I believe it was because he was the greatest boxer of all times and he had a running battle with the United States government that brought him more recognition than his boxing alone.

I have written many blogs and, on occasion, the response has been rather heavy but yesterday’s blog topped them all. I did an interview with one national network company yesterday and today I will be interviewed by another national network on the Tiger Woods blog. They want to know why I think Tiger’s items will go up in value with the bad publicity he is receiving. I believe you can figure that out for yourself from what I have written on the subject above. His private life makes him no less of a golfer but makes his name reach far outside the golf course.

This is the time to strike while the iron is hot on Tiger Woods and then watch as this rocket takes off. You still have to buy right and stick to our rules of buying and not just get silly and pay anything for an item, but the public will take a little time to understand what is happening with Tiger’s memorabilia. By the time that everybody else is wanting on the Tiger Woods boat, it will be the time to sell your ticket to get off. This may take several years but you can use this time to really change your financial well being.

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  1. Cashing in on Tiger’s negative reputation may be a little difficult because you’ll need to get hold of his personal belongings rather than his golf clubs. Hollywood gossip will peak if someone auctions Tiger’s bedroom linens!!!