Thursday, December 17, 2009

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Christmas Dreams - Thanks to

What will I be looking forward to after Christmas, that is the question. First, I hope that my family will be healthy and that we will have been able to see and feel what Christmas really is and that isn't gifts. Sharing God's love with others will be the lasting part of the holidays for me. I feel so blessed to meet so many wonderful people through the Daryle Lambert's Antique and Collectibles Club, even if it is only through an email or phone call. Some of my best memories over the past year were the times when I would send out a call for prayer where it was needed. I can guarantee you that I felt the response.

But what do I really want this year? You know how much I love beautiful paintings, but Vickie says I have enough. How about a few artist signed Rookwood vases, but my dog, Katie, might destroy them. And then, there are the great toys that I could add to my collection, but I would play with them and Joshua until they were no longer mint. It seems that maybe things aren't for me this year. So what could it be?

Well I just bought me a pig. Yes, a pig. Remember three blogs ago when I shared with you that a wonderful lady called me about an Anna Pottery Pig? Well I am now the proud owner of that pig. Yes, I believe I have a buyer for it, but in the meantime I have just made a new friend and guess what? She has wonderful children who will celebrate Christmas with their mom and nothing could be better than that. Yes, I do believe that I have already received my first gift. It wasn't the pig but the new friendship that I now have.

So over the next week or so as you are out there on your treasure hunts, if you are successful, remember that the people who you bought items from can become your close friends and that might be your best Christmas present. People being with people seems to bring out the true joy of Christmas and in all the stories of people being miserable during these holidays, it is usually when they are alone. Please take some time to visit an elderly man or woman in a nursing home and your rewards will be great or find someone who will be spending Christmas in a hospital and take them some flowers or even just a card.

Yes, there are wonderful buying opportunities in these last days of the year and you should keep your eye out for them, but this time is when we should truly feel how blessed we are. This country is the greatest country in the world and I ask God regularly, why me? Why did you choose this country for me?

Not much about Antiques, Paintings or Collectibles in this blog but I hope that I have even given you something greater. God bless and Amen.

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