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Angels in Your Life – Daryle Lambert’s Antique and Collectible’s Blog – Do You Believe?

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During the Christmas Season you always hear about the Angels - but do you believe in them? I have to admit, I do and with good reason. I believe they were there when my little brother drowned and was revived with no brain damage after being under the water for over 15 minutes. How can a person be in an automobile wreck were the car was totally destroyed and receive no injuries? I did in Palm Springs, California.

Only a fool would take these two experiences as blind luck and say they turned out the way they did by accident. In my mind, there were Angels there to intervene in both situations. God never leaves us alone – He is always there if we believe.

Beginning at a very early age and continuing today, I have had an unusual affection for Angels. I can say there is no longer any doubt about their existence in my life.

I have shared with you where I bought a pair of Angel candelabras for under $100 and sold them for $2500. I also purchased a painting from the 15th century that contained several Angels in the sky that may have been the second most expensive piece that I ever sold. It seems that people want to believe and almost any item that features Angels can become a true treasure. Whether it is a painting, porcelain figurine, piece of jewelry or a gold coin, if it contains the image of an Angel, the value is greatly enhanced.

On eBay you can find examples where items with Angel brought good money. There was the painting by Carol Lee that sold for $5,000 and the 19th century Meissen grouping with blue crossed swords mark hammered at $4,900. Jewelry with Angels like the Carrera Y Carrera Gold and Diamond bracelet that was only 1¼ inches wide with two rows of small diamonds sold for $3,299 and don’t forget the Isle on Man Angel gold coin from 1986 that commanded a price of $1,399.

Here are just a few other pieces that might make your mouth water: antique cameo brooch with Angel 14 karat gold $1,200, KPM plaque 9” $975, OOAK Custom Angel doll Blythe by Melacacia 12” for $960.

I remember as a child praying at night that the Angels would protect me and my family and I believe God heard my prayer. That is one of the reasons why today I continue to give thanks for all the blessings that I receive. Yes, I believe they are also watching over your family and come to think of it I need to include my new family in my future prayers - the members of Daryle Lambert’s Antique and Collectible Club. Please pray for safety for my family and me while we’re away.

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