Friday, December 18, 2009

"It Finally Happened" - Daryle Lambert's Antique and Collectibles Blog -

"It's Finally Happened"

This journey has, at times, appeared to be unending, but finally we have arrived, with the creation of our new website for the Daryle Lambert's Antique and Collectibles Club. Starting today, you will be directed to to access our site. Patience is mine saith the Lord and he is right because, without my faith, there is no way I could have withstood the last two years. I was also sent angels to keep me in check and do things right and before I go any further I must acknowledge them.

First I want to thank Karla Zehnder, who allowed her husband Bob to take time away from their very successful business, Hodgson Consulting and Solutions, and also his family, so that he could establish the direction that we should follow with our Club’s site. Bob has been the Titan that has held our hands through the process of completely changing our site and business model.

I would like to think that I had a little to do with our progress but to be truthful the next person that I want to thank is the woman that single handedly kept me in check and that is Ondre Huston. Without her editing my blogs each day, they would have been almost unreadable. However, the editing is just the beginning of what Ondre has provided for the Club. Her countless hours spent going over all the suggestions that I came up with and then sharing with me where I was wrong, proved perhaps to be the most helpful advice that I have been given. She will be taking on most of the responsibility for the content on the site and also the financial responsibilities for the Club.

My wife, Vickie, has been my personal angel and when I was ready to pitch in the towel she would encourage me. Even Joshua got into the act by sharing his knowledge of film making with me and also producing videos for the Club.

I can't leave out the early members of our team: Cindy Nieder, Chris Erbach and Clarke Echols. Without their help, this moment could never have happened. What do I mean by this moment?

For over two years I have tried to get our site to a point where all the edits and additions could be done in house, but as hard as I tried that feat wasn't accomplished until Bob and Ondre came on board. Even if you aren't able to see a tremendous difference in the two sites, I can assure you there are so many I couldn't list them and you will be the benefactor of the improvements. Now if something needs to be fixed, Bob and Ondre can have it done in no time where before it could have taken months.

I explain it this way. The Christmas Tree is up and now the ornaments will be attached to it. The first thing that you will find is the blog archives are now correct and without duplications. Second, the pages themselves should be easier to read and understand and third, the functionality of the site has been optimized. The marketplace will be much easier to navigate and our cart will provide for the purchase of an item right off the site. We’re still doing some editing and within a month also plan to have new photographs of items in our marketplace.

Tomorrow’s blog will provide the ornaments and be ready for some surprises. This journey will be well worth the fare that you have paid and the successes that I have envisioned for our members are right around the corner. I now can say I am a happy camper and this will be one of my favorite Christmases.

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  1. It is just awesome, Daryl, Congratulations on the new site!

  2. Thanks Mary

    I hope that you will even make it better.