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Yes it is snowing in Chicago, so I am trying to remember just a few weeks ago when I was in Florida and how warm it was. One of the best ways for me to get into the spirit of Florida is to envision a flock of pink flamingos standing on one foot in all their regal plumage. Flamingos may be the most recognized bird in the world and it is not a surprise that they have been depicted in every form of collectible known to man. In fact, if you were in fashion, you may have been one of those people that a few years ago had one or more of those plastic birds standing in your yard.

Items that represent the magnificent flamingo are eagerly sought after by collectors and you may find that the person searching for them will pay much more than you thought to acquire them. I can still see those large groups of flamingos as they roost in the everglades or as they color the sky in flight. These images are often shared with the world on the nature channels.

But as in the last few blogs, I know the question is what to look for to make money with the flamingo, right? Here are just a few suggestions for you. I discovered a vintage painting by Jan Bedijs Tom listed for $5500 and I am sure there are others in the marketplace that command even higher prices than that. In the jewelry field, a pin featuring enameling and decorated with diamonds could be purchase for $1799 or at the other end of the spectrum, you may find a Flamingo gaming chip with that beautiful image on it for $1900.

The porcelain and pottery people didn't miss their opportunity to capitalize on the beauty of the flamingo and Helen Boehm made a wonderful sculpture priced at $1000. Herend produced a 10” figure that you could own for $850. Then there are the Steuben and Swarovski glass sculptures and the Cowan pottery pieces that are among the most collected of the flamingo items.

You realize that I am telling you to search for these items at perhaps 25% of the prices I am showing you and I do believe that they can be found at that price. However, there are times when you should act upon an item when you find it and here is an example . There was a handmade pair of Garcia gold and silver spurs offered on eBay and they sold for $295. If I had seen them, they would be mine today.

Just as a side note, if you happen to be one of those people that just can't do without owning some of the plastic yard flamingos, they are still available for about $50 per pair.

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  1. I have a flamingo oil that you might enjoy seeing, I have no info and cannot read the signature but would be glad to share it with you.