Tuesday, December 8, 2009

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Tiger Woods - Thanks to Golf-Leader.com

Before the election, I wrote about my views on our not yet President, Barack Obama. If you remember, I stated that he was a very smart man but I disagreed with almost everything he stood for. I have to say that today I am even more convinced than ever that he is leading us into a disaster. Still, I will tell you that his memorabilia in the future will be worth more than any president in my lifetime. Take this opportunity to capitalize on this, the first black president in the history of this country, by searching out the best of the best of the Obama collectibles and you will find a willing collector to buy them from you

Now I have to share another equally important opportunity for you to take advantage of: Tiger Woods collectibles. Tiger has almost single handedly removed every other newsworthy item from the press. I have to make a joke here, however, because if you wish to buy one of his clubs, be sure to check that it isn't damaged. It is a shame that a person of his stature in the sporting world would allow himself to be dragged through the mud like this, but the tabloids will make him even more famous than before.

Look at Babe Ruth and what a scoundrel he was. Even Billy Clinton is better known for his escapades than he was of being president. People that get the most press seem to endure the test of time and I believe that Tiger Woods will certainly fit that bill. He won't be remembered by the beautiful wife and two children she bore him but by the gutter trash that he couldn't resist. However society seems to thrive on such garbage and this won't be the exception to that rule

So take advantage of this opportunity to buy anything associated with Tiger Woods, like clubs, signed hats, photographs with his signature, shoes, bags, signed score cards and any other item that can be directly linked to Tiger. I will mention a few and there are many others with prices exceeding $20,000 and I think that their prices will go straight up from here.

How about an Upper Deck Legends of Sports photo with the signatures of Tiger Woods, Michael Jordon and Ali on it? There were just 500 made and one just sold for $4500 which will prove to be cheap. Perhaps the most plentiful collectible with Tiger’s signature on them may be tournament flags and one with 24 champions like Tiger, Nicklaus, Palmer, Nickelson, Player and others sold for $3000.

Here is a rare item for you: a baseball signed by Tiger at the Atlanta Braves training camp on March 3, 1999 sold for $2227. There are others but I think you get the idea that anything Tiger will be expensive in the future, so find it now.

I would like for all of us to pray for Tiger that some way he will make amends to his family for the unkept promises that he made to God and his wife. The skills that he received did not come from him but God. Amen

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