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Santa Is Coming – Daryle Lambert's Antique and Collectibles Blog – How do I know?

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Just a little over two weeks ago I was in sunny Florida watching the dolphins and eating all the oysters on the half shell that I could find. I was walking miles on the sand with Vickie, my wife and Josh, my son, picking up shells thinking about what would be next for the “Daryle Lambert's Antique and Collectibles Club.”

My how things have changed now that I have returned to Chicago. Sitting at the computer yesterday and staring out the window, to my surprise, I began to see these very large white things dropping from the sky. “That couldn't be snow, could it?” I asked myself, but sure enough it was. As the snow captured my total attention, something special happened, I caught it. You must be asking “Caught what?” The Christmas Spirit of course. Hasn't it happened to you yet?

It seems that all day yesterday Christmas kept popping up, like when the lady called with Vickie's request for Christmas gifts from the Creative Memories store. Katie my Australia Shepherd followed me everywhere I went, looking up as if to say “What are you going to have under the tree for me?”

So this morning, not being able to sleep, I am giving in and writing about that special little man Santa and how there is lots of money to be made during this season buying and selling Santa memorabilia. Each year it is as if I discovered for the first time that Santa began his journey in Germany as a man named Belsnickle I think.

Perhaps this is my favorite time of year with all the fancy food fixings, decorated trees, snow and people singing Christmas carols, even when the radio isn't playing. Yes, it is a time when people seem to love each other and recognize that we are all on the same journey. Kids throw snowballs at each other for the fun of it, not to harm anyone, and they want to give their toys to other children that don't have any. This is a special time and it seems as if it is contagious. If you don't have it yet you will.

But back to Santa, yes there is money in Santa items like the 24” one made in 1905 that just sold for $2940 on eBay. He was holding a Christmas tree that was decorated with glass ornaments and must have seemed special to several people because there where over thirty bids. A 1925 German Santa Claus or Besnicles, if you prefer, candy box sold for $1009 and an early German candy container in the shape of Santa brought $980.

About the time I think that I have seen most things that bring good money, up pops a new name. I ask, have you heard of the Simpich figurines? Well I hadn't but one just sold of Santa and Mrs. Claus dancing called “O Be Joyful” for $835. The next one I knew, however, because at this time of year they will always bring a pretty penny and it is the Santa Royal Doulton Santa mug. The D 6793 mug just sold on the Internet for $811. The last item that I am going to mention is a vintage Roly Poly of Santa that brought over $650.

Yes Santa is in season and you should find that any of his memorabilia will soon find a new home if you have any to offer. Ho Ho Ho and away we go.

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