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I have heard all the hype but had not seen John Wall in a Kentucky uniform until last night. Hopefully, I won't miss another game all season when Kentucky is on television. Yes I am a Kentucky fan and have seen players come and go, but if you don't see Wall play this college season, you will have missed something. The reason I say this is because I don't think he will have more than one year of college basketball before he goes pro. It is my understanding that John Wall is already the top prospect for the pro draft next year. When even Dick Vitale gets excited about a SEC player, you know he is the real deal.

I have seem Larry Bird, Michael Jordan and Lebron James play and I wasn't sure that I would have the opportunity to see another player with the potential to be as great as them, but last night I just may have seen the next superstar. Players of the caliber of the aforementioned only come around on rare occasions so you must enjoy them while they’re playing. Wall just seems to demand the ball when the game is on the line and already this year in the first nine games for Kentucky, his absolute will to win has pulled the Wildcats out of the fire.

John Wall started the night like a house on fire but only played nine minutes of the first half. It wasn't until they had lost the 12 point lead and had dug themselves into an 8 point deficit in the second half that Wall decided that it was his time and his game. He made 12 of the last 15 points for Kentucky and when he went to the foul line it was as if he had ice in his veins as he nailed every shot.

I would like to share with you a play that Wall made that might be beyond description. Wall took the ball at the head of the lane, passed it to another player, circled around that player, received a return pass, dribbled toward the basket where he was confronted by three of the Connecticut big men, leaped between them and shot the ball while he was falling and made the basket, plus got fouled and made the next point. The only plays that I can remember that even come close to what I saw were some of the shots Michael Jordan made in his career.

This blog might seem strange to you but it shouldn't be because I am encouraging you to search out any item that John Wall has touched in the few years he has played basketball. I don't even know where he attended high school but it would be well worth it to own one of his school jerseys. As this college season progresses, I believe that I won't be the only one saying this is the birth of a superstar and if you can find items of his they should prove to be quite profitable for you. Also on occasion, I might even set an item or two back for a rainy day. If you start now to look for John Wall items, I guarantee that you will be way ahead of the pack and this should prove to be to your advantage.

There are already 30 items on eBay featuring Wall and we should be buying every one of them. If you look at Bird, Jordan or James jerseys, they are already selling in the thousands and I say watch out and move over because there is a new sheriff in town, John Wall.

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  1. John Wall is the best player in college basketball as just a freshman. I think Kentucky is the leading contender the title this year because of him. Everything with his name attached to it will become very valuable soon.