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Bird of Paradise - Thanks to the

Yesterday I wrote about items that represented birds that could make you money, but today I will mention one bird that can help you fill your nest. The Birds of Paradise has often been said to be the most beautiful birds that God ever created and that may very well be true. With their array of colored feathers and long tails, they are a sight to behold.

These magnificent birds are found in Indonesia, New Guinea and Australia and when specimens were brought to this country by traders, there was speculation that they were extinct. But far from it because these birds flourish in the jungles today.

One of my first experiences with Birds of Paradise being used by artists was when my interest grew in Pickard China pieces and this beautiful bird decorated many of this company’s wares. But as I studied the Pickard China, I began to see that many other companies use the image of the Bird of Paradise in their production also.

Here are a few pieces featuring this beautiful bird that I believe you would consider treasures. First, I found a cast iron doorstop in the shape of the Bird of Paradise priced at $3995 and next a Leroy Neiman serigraph offered for $2995. However, in the world of porcelain, the Boehm's Bird of Paradise doesn't take a back seat to anything by coming to the market for $1968. No way can we leave out jewelry when we are talking about these beautiful birds and you should expect to pay over $500 for a small gold pin with a diamond for its eye or $750 for a costume pin by Trifari.

Keep watching for anything that shows a Bird of Paradise on it and there should be money made if you can buy these pieces right. I did say “if you can buy them right”. This has to always be a major consideration because less that a double of our money invested just won't do.

If you will allow me, I would like to go off the track just a little. Today Vickie, my wife, and I decided to go on a date and take Josh, our son, along with us to show him how much we loved each other. We called it the first date of the rest of our lives.

But some strange things happened along the way on this date. First, we had to return a little friend of Josh's back to his family after a play date and it got too late to go to the movie that we had planned, A Christmas Carol, so we headed to a restaurant. Guess what? There was a movie house right across the street so we decided to see what was playing. No Christmas Carol but a movie called Blind Side.

Vickie said that she had heard some good reviews and when we went to the counter the movie was just starting. We figured that with the previews we should still be okay. God got us to the movie on time and even had picked the one for us to see. I would like for every person who reads my blog to see this movie because it will strike a chord in your heart that will mark the beginning of the Christmas Season for you.

It never fails to surprise me how God still loves us enough to continue teaching the love that he wants us to have for him and others. I seldom recommend movies because we all have our different tastes but in this case if you don't like the movie just email me with what it cost you and I will give you a refund. God Bless and please count your blessings today.

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