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Smooth Sailing - Thanks to

Wow! We are on our way. Yes, I did get a few emails from people who were having small problems with the site, but Bob was able to answer those fairly quickly. I would appreciate emails if you as readers spot any problems that need to be addressed with our transition to the new site, I will be gone for a week but Ondre and Bob will continue to address the changes to the site that will ensure the success of our members in the antique, collectible and fine art field. This is the time for our members and readers to speak up and tell Ondre, Bob and myself what you are thinking and share with us what would make your jobs easier. If you were building the club, what would you want it to do?

Besides the cosmetic appearance of the site, the next changes will come with the reopening of the members only section and the affiliate program. Both of these features will be of great value to the members. In addition, Bob is constructing the software functions on the site to allow for the members’ stores. I believe that 2010 will be a break out year for our Club and we will be leaving our competitors in the dust. When the members only section is reopened, I intend to really focus on the Million Dollar Race and I hope that the members will be more open to sharing their progress with the rest of us.

Today I was privileged to go to my son Joshua's piano recital. All in attendance received a treat, but something happened there that I would like to share with you. You never know when God will share a lesson on living with you. I didn't plan for today to be one of those times but it was.

Halfway through the recital, a young man, perhaps 16, was sharing his talent with the audience when he had a miscue. Time and time again he tried his best to get back on track, but to no avail. Never giving up, however, he plowed ahead and finally near the end he once again was on cue. After the performance he bowed but kept his head down and quickly walked off stage and out of the room.

It didn't take me long to follow him and my question was, "Weren't you one of the performers today?" His answer was “Yes, but I didn't give a very good one today.” I asked him whose performance he thought was the best. “I really don't know” was his immediate answer. “Yours was”, is what I told him and then explained why. “You see you never quit when it was rough and neither did you start over, which most people would have done. No, rather you continued on in your journey, even though it was bumpy. Finally, after your fears abated, you got back on course and finished strong. You grew up a little today and this experience will serve you well in the future.” He thanked me and I could tell that those words had touched him.

We can relate this story to our attempts to succeed in the business that we have chosen for ourselves: Antiques, Collectibles and Fine Art. Yes, on occasion you may miscue, but never stop the direction you are headed in and continue until success is on your side again. It won't always be easy, but like the young man, with each little bump in the road, you will grow up just a little and be a better man or woman for it. My hope is that by working together most of us will cross the finish line together and along the way we might just pick up someone else and assist them to the line also. God bless you and God bless this season.

PS : I just found out that we have lost a friend by the name of Gary who had a site called the Auction Rebel. He did the annual garage sale challenge and was an expert on the Internet and eBay. I know that I will miss him because he was always an listening ear when I needed one. I will pray for his family and their loss.

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