Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Returned Empty-Handed - But It's A New day

The treasures eluded me this weekend but today I will start looking again as soon as possible.

I still have my $100.00 and can't wait to spend it. My friend Cecil and I went to the Greenville Flea Market in Kentucky and I was tempted several times to spend my money.

The first time was for a group of Indian postcards. There were 51 of them for $250.00 and a few were worth $20 - $25 but the rest were questionable. This meant a lot of listing and still possibly not reaching my goal. I passed them even though I might have doubled my money. We aren't looking to take a chance and I couldn't be sure.

Next came the Fiesta salt and pepper shakers. There was one each of the red and medium green ones, with the green piece worth $150.00 but it had a chip. The red was perfect. I could have bought both for $10 and this was a good buy. However, the red one would have brought $10 but then I would have had to sell a damaged piece for my profit and I don't deal in these pieces unless they are extremely rare.

My only real disapointment all day was when we encountered a young boy carrying two large double handled Hull vases. We ask him where they came from and he said" I just bought them over there for $6.00 a piece." Then believe it or not he asked us what are they worth? Cecil told him $100 to $125 each. Latter passing his booth there they were priced at $100.00 each. Now they were a good buy but we got to them too late. Better luck next time.

I was offered several things during the day but I was never sure that I could double my money, so on I went searching with every step for a treasure. I just new it was in that next booth or just around the corner.

I have heard from only one of our treasure hunters this weekend. They, like me, came home empty handed. But that just makes us more determined. I hope you can see that I too try to follow the rules that I outlined in my book and I hope you will too.


  1. OK, I'm a horrible treasure hunter because I get sidetracked too much. I am glad to hear that you walked past those items. I in turn probably, most likely, would have bought them. I will continue to learn from you and keep walking until I find the item for my first step. I did purchase a Lavon on ebay for $27.00 included shipping. I will hold on to until the time is right to sell. Thanks Lisa

  2. HI, I have great news!! As I told you I have been cleaning out all the stuff I have collected for some time. Well, I guess one of them was a real treasure! I invested around $100 on a bunch of vintage phonograph stylis's (needles) 6 boxes in all - a long time ago. I seperated them out by brand and put each one on ebay last week. Today they closed out for a grand total of $832.71 YEAH! I'm so excited. I won't be able to reinvest all of it just yet, as I have to cover the expense of traveling to either KY or NY to try to put some old stonewear into a good auction, but the rest is going toward my next treasure! Good Luck to everyone, Vicki

  3. Vicki, that is so COOL!!! CONGRATS!! Remember what you don't use for travel to compound, because it is a huge difference when you don't compound it all. I'm very happy for you. Lisa

  4. Daryle: We didn't find much at the flea market, did we! However, me and you are alike in the fact that it only made me more hungry for the hunt. The next day ( Sept. 5th ), me and another friend drove halfway across the state to an auction that we had heard good things about as far as quality of the consignments were concerned, but had never attended. There were several nice pieces of pottery there, including a signed Weller "Hudson" vase and a signed Rookwood vase by Lorinda Eppley done in 1934 that had a striking Art Deco design. Of course, there had to be another bidder that had his eye on them to. However, he apparently had come to bid on these two best pieces only. They sold early in the auction and he left shortly thereafter. Several other good pieces of pottery were left and you would have thought there would have been more interest. I bought a few good pieces at remarkable prices. A tall chamberstick by Wannopee Pottery (that was only in business for 11 years, 1892 - 1903 )was purchased for $45. It books for $450 in a 2004 Scroader's Antique Price Guide!). A Roseville "Cherry Blossom" vase which books for $375 was bought by me for $90. This particular lot also included 2 pieces of Roseville "Wincraft"; a sugar and creamer set which book for $75+ each. All 3 for $90!! A Roseville "Dogwood" basket for $45 and list for $350 and a Roseville "Imperial I" low bowl for $15. Believe me, at these prices, I made up for the dry run at the Greenville Flea Market the day before. I'll keep you posted on what I sell from this one outing in a future blog. CECIL