Wednesday, September 26, 2007

LARGE and SMALL - They Both can be GREAT

In the Antique and Collectible Market, you will find items of many sizes. Surprisingly, the most value will usually come from the large or very small pieces. The medium size items are the most common of all, and therefore, bring less money as a rule.

First, a large vase by Rookwood is usually sold by so much per inch, everything else being the same. An eighteen inch vase by a top artist from Rookwood is going to bring a lot more money than an eight inch one by the same artist. This difference compounds as the item increases in size. The eight inch vase may bring $1,000 while the eighteen inch one might bring $30,000 or more. You should always keep this in mind as you are shopping.

The reason that larger pieces have more value happens to be true, because fewer of them will have been made. If a artist wants to make a very large piece, he knows that it is extremely hard to keep the consistency of the image that he is decorating the same throughout the piece. Also, just handling a larger piece is more labor intensive.

As for the smaller pieces, they acquire their value because it is very difficult to handle items under two inches, so few are made. We call these pieces mini, and often they are models for those pieces that will incorporate their design into larger ones later. A one inch Daum Nancy "Fall Scene" vase might bring as much as $3,500.00 or more. Can you imagine that? I just bought three mini Lotton vases, and the last one I saw sell brought over $500. Don't overlook something because it's small. If others can't see its value, you will find a Treasure.

I remember as a small child, I always wanted to be larger so that basketball and football would be easier for me. Later, when I developed a love of horses, I wanted to be smaller, so I could be a jockey. I didn't know it at this early age, but the principle of large and small had already been placed in my mind.

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