Monday, September 10, 2007

SUCCESS! - On a Beautiful Day

I attended a charity event yesterday in Lake Forest, Illinois and met with great success. Even though most of the offerings were for the decorators, there were a few choice Treasures.

I managed to pick up three Meissen figurines at a fair price. These can be identified by the blue crossed swords mark on their bottom. (Consult Kovels mark book for more information.) Plus, the next exciting purchase was a large wonderful Hull Bow Knot vase that would add to any collecton of Hull. Perhaps the pieces that I bought and liked best was the water-color painting by a Lake Geneva Art Association artist, Jan Castle-Reed. Called "Girl by Roses", I found it in an old bath tub. For thirty five dollars, it had to be mine. The last purchase was a old soap tin from a Cincinnati soap company. This purchase completed my day.

Cindy accompanied me, and she shot pictures that will be posted later. Talking to her about the sale was very informative for me. She expressed surprise that there were so few things that would qualify as Treasures presented by the dealers. I told her that I thought that we had purchased almost everything of interest at the show, and the rest was for decorating people's homes.

We arrived early, perhaps one hour before the opening and spent very little time at each booth the first time around. Cindy's remark, as she was almost running behind me was, "How do you see anything?" I told her my perception is that if I don't see the Treasure first, the person behind me will. Often you only get one chance at a Treasure, so you have to make it count. Out of the four things, we purchased only one. The painting was purchased on the second trip through the sale.

As you become more familiar with what your are looking for, it will be easier to skim right over the things that you have no interest in. This in turn will speed up the time it takes to view the show or sale that you are attending. Time is money, so spend your time wisely.

There were hundreds of people at this show, and it was a beautiful day. But we were there for a purpose, and that was to make money.

I hope many of you had a productive weekend, either with your families or on the Treasure Hunt Trail, and in some cases I hope both of these were yours.

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"The Guy in the Red Tie" --- Daryle Lambert

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  1. Having a "Good Eye" is extremely important and a hard thing to learn too! It's taken me about 15 years! My only hunt in the last week was to the local Salvation army store. (Where everyone complains that there isn't any finds anymore) I have news for you. If you look you will find it! I purchased a Tiffany and Co. Crystal box (acid etched mark) for $1.99 and a Springerlie( I'm sure I'm spelling this wrong - sorry) Rolling pin for $2.99. (Springerlie is a German hand carved pin for making Anise seed cookies) The last one I found went for $50. I don't know yet what the Tiffany will bring but I know it will exceed my $1.99! Happy Hunting everyone. Please keep us posted on your finds! I'm dying to hear news! Vicki H.