Sunday, September 23, 2007

Buy it All - Make the Most Profit

A technique that I often use in buying is to say, "I will take it all." At estate and garage sales, you will find multiple items boxed together, and in that box you will find one item that gets your attention. Knowing that this piece will bring you a great return, it is only human nature to pull it out of the box and ask what the seller would take for just the one piece.

The way I handle this is to replace the piece I want back in the box and ask what the seller will take for the whole box of things. Often, I am able to buy the box for even less than I would have offered for just the one item. Surprisingly, often I find that the piece I wanted doesn’t end up being the greatest treasure in the box after they are all sold.

This method of buying will also work in stores. As you travel through a store, make a list of the items that you wish to purchase. Then find a clerk and ask what they would take for that group. I have found, that because the total dollars increase with the number of items you wish to purchase, the asking price may be reduced as mush as fifty percent per item if they are purchased together.

I spent the night in a persons driveway once just to be first in line for their house sale. A friend was conducting the sale and said if I might be interested in the Beswick horse collection that was being offered. Entering the house, I said in a loud voice, "All the horses are sold." There was about twenty-five pieces, and the total for all of them came to about $1,000. Then, the strangest thing happened. The clerk marked all the horses sold, however there must have been another person that had come to the sale for just the Beswick horses also. Even though they were marked sold, he started picking them up to examine them, and he did this with several pieces. Surprise, surprise, he dropped one, and it happened to be a piece that I had estimated to have a value of $500.00. I confronted him, but what could I say? The clerk just took one horse off my bill, but inside I was sick. The rest of the pieces sold for about $8,550 with the highest bringing almost $1,500. Not bad for a few small horse figurines.

Box lots, as they are known at auctions, can also be bargains. There is a story circulating about the lady buying a box lot for about $100 and finding this Indian Knife Sheath in it. I was told that this piece, at auction, may have brought over $8,000. There can be Treasures in those little boxes, so be sure to check them.

I am giving you notice that there is a great story that I am going to be sharing in a couple of days, and you will be starting your search in earnest after you hear it. Let me hear your stories or questions in the meantime.

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  1. To all of you that have been posting I didn't know how to return a comment but now I do. I want to thank you for those comments and are you going to be surprised by a story that will be posted in the next couple of days. Daryle