Thursday, September 6, 2007

Don't Go Too Far - Start Search at Home

I have found that most people think that Treasures can only be found if they travel to find them. However many of the best Treasures that people have reported to me were found in their own homes and this may be true for you, too.

Have you looked in the closets of your children, the ones that are adults now? You may find Star Wars figures or other pieces from that era. What about you parents toy collection that you just store in the attic? Items like marbles, cast iron vehicles, comics and baseball cards? How about the vintage clothing and hats in boxes stored in the basement?

All of these things could prove to be your Treasures. They are hidden from view and forgotten, just waiting to be rediscovered. They may not have meaning for you any longer but there are collectors waiting for them to resurface again.

I remember the movie about a toy boy in Toy Story where it was damaged and no one wanted it any longer. But then a child found the toy and loved it as if it were new. Always remember that other people don't look through the same eyes that you do.

A great little book for you to read is a Acres of Diamonds. It tells the story of a man that traveled most of his life in search of diamonds but as he got older returned to his old home. You guessed it-- that is were he discovered diamonds. Some times we just make things to complicated. Its like the story of the butterfly. The more we chase the butterfly the less chance we have of catching it, but if we merrily sit still it will come and land on our shoulder.

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"The Guy in the Red Tie" --- Daryle Lambert

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  1. The book is Acres of Diamonds and is well worth the read. Some other good books include:

    The Magic of Thinking Big,
    The Magic of Self Direction, and
    The Magic of Getting What You Want,
    all by David Schwartz. A couple of favorite quotes from them: You will
    never do anything worthwhile for which you are not criticized.
    One especially pertinent to 31-Clubbers: If people would spend as much effort increasing their income as they do trying to save money [as in clipping coupons, shopping all over town for the best "deal", etc.], they would be free from financial difficulties..

    (I checked and I'm off just a little in the quote, but close enough. Read the book to find the correct wording. It will be well worth the search.) While
    you're reading them, read the book once, then go back and read it again, underlining the important ideas. You get a lot more out of it that way.

    I haven't read those books for close to 25 years. In looking for that quote, I was so impressed that I need to go back and read them again. Everyone should read them all at least once a year because what they say is important and can change your whole outlook on life and the circumstances surrounding you. Remember: I recalled that quote, 85% word-for-word correctly after 25 years!


    And right in line with what 31 Club is all about.