Thursday, September 13, 2007

31 Club - What is it Really About

Your Club and Your New Community, The 31 Club: What is it Really About?

Today, I hope that you will give me a chance to share my thoughts with our group.

I won't be talking about making money, even though I think we will be making a lot of it. Neither will I be talking about all the fun we are going to share and the great people that we will be meeting.

Today, I want to share with you a couple of emails that I have received from a wonderful couple by the name Todd and Cyndi. Seldom have I been so touched as I have the last two days by God's goodness.

You see, I talked to Todd about joining us, and he did. But also he sent me this email on May 2 of this year.

Hi Daryle,

FYI: received your book on the 6-2-07. I thought I would share with you from the beginning how I came to find your book.

A long time ago I chose a very loveable woman to marry. The day we wed, and for the next nine years, we fought each and every day. After the conclusion of my first marriage and before my second, I made a few different choices.

I turned a lot of things over to God. I gave up worrying about money, first by testing. Then I discovered when I needed money, it was always provided and I had no need to worry so I quit. I took my plan to re-wed to God. This time I prayed and in my prayer placed the burden before God to provide me with a soul mate of his choosing not one of my own be it my ex-wife or someone different.

God provided me then with a rough un-cut diamond, which all before me had passed by without even a second look. Yet I knew when I held her, she was indeed a Diamond. Three weeks after finding her I asked Cyndi to marry me.

That was 17 years ago.
I digress. So a few weeks back after God provided me with some down time, I find myself late one night playing on my Cell phone and I can not tell you how I got there, I found this vague description of a book which intrigued me as I am a collector of out-dated technology, "the search" for the Diamond. I recorded the web site off my cell and in passing gave it to Cyndi, to look at and purchase for me.

Time passes. Last week, over the course of the week, seven present and long past friends all ask me the same question. Two where supervisors, one being Rod Black a manager from 1997 calling me out of the blue. Each asked the same question putting me on the same spot!
"Why are you working for that corporation?" I respond to all seven with my same pat answer, "I am on vacation!"

Later that week the truth was revealed to me in my readings! I discovered I was covering the truth, which was instead of facing and learning from a business mistake I made in the spring of 1997, I simply ran and got a job. At that point I gave it back to God to put me on the path he wants. Everything said here has not escaped my wife; he is well aware of my
prayer for a path.

Have I found it in your book? Well lets just say God has shown me the trail head as I am only in the first few chapters of your book. I enjoy the talent God has given me. He has always allowed me to see thru the dirt to discover those hidden diamonds within. So, let the journey begin! I can not go wrong; you must agree only God could have arranged it for me to get your book.

Thank-you in advance,

Todd Cutler


Two days ago I was deleting old emails, and I came across Todd's old email. I thought I would touch bases with him to see how he was doing. This is the email that I sent him.


Hi Todd;

I was just cleaning up some old emails whenI ran across yours, and it brought tears to my eyes. The memories of our conversation rushed back into my head, and I just thanked God for what he has done for me, and likewise, you.

God bless and the best to you.



You will not believe the return message that Todd and Cyndi sent me after that.

Hi Daryle,

Wow! What is up with our God!

Personal Tragedy)

I find comfort in knowing God brings uplifting souls into my life like you and He knows when to send them. It has been a very intense past three weeks now.

It seems I must travel back to your part of the United States to wrap up legal issues with my son, Dayne. My visit on the 22nd to the 27th was very hard. Dayne had moved to Chicago with his mom when Seattle Public Schools began demolition of his high school as a junior. His mother moved from Seattle to Chicago in 1989 seeking work with United Airlines and lives just east of O'Hare.

I planned on approaching you in the spring about meeting face to face and learning more as my very lovely wife Cyndi has an Intensive Care Nursing Managers Conference to attend in Chicago in May of 2008.

I however attended the Spokane Antique Road Show to discover I had found a pre-1900’s Filson Game Bag value $600 to $800 my cost zero as the owner saw no value in it. I was energized to hear a signed Document from President Lincoln to one of his Generals was discovered in Spokane which countered my skeptic’s; value $150,000 to $175,000.

On this Saturday 9-15-07, we will be having a final grave side family burial in the very small town of Endicott, WA, where the Cutler family original homestead is. Dayne will become the eighth Cutler generation to be interned in Endicott and the 27th generation to be buried here in what now everyone calls the United States.

Yes! You did bring me tears and an upheaval of emotions as I recanted your heart felt love for the gift God’s has given you your youngest son and wife. Dayne’s job on earth was completed and while in the safest car, he was the only one taken. I find real comfort knowing I will spend more time with him in the future than I could with him in the present. He was truly a gift of God.

Todd Cutler


I see the 31 Club as not just a vehicle to build wealth & explore antiques. It's about making friends and supporting those new people that we meet. And for everything that we give, we receive tenfold back. And it makes us stop, look at our world, and count our blessings.

I am writing this at 2:00 in the morning, and I am sitting here crying because God is so good. I am going to go and crawl into my bed where Joshua and Vickie are sleeping. Usually I pick Joshua up and take him to his bed, but tonight I think I will just hug and snuggle up with him and go to sleep giving God praise.

Good night.

-- Daryle

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