Tuesday, September 11, 2007


About a week ago, I shared with you a story about Ceil R. and I striking out in Greenville, Kentucky, at the flea market. But, in that blog, I said that our time was not spent pointlessly, and that we gained knowledge and practiced patience that day. If you remember, I said that success would come another day. I will let Cecil's word explain what I meant.


We didn't find much at the flea market, did we! However, me and you are alike in the fact that it only made me more hungry for the hunt.

The next day ( Sept. 5th ), me and another friend drove halfway across the state to an auction that we had heard good things about as far as quality of the consignments were concerned, but had never attended.

There were several nice pieces of pottery there, including a signed Weller "Hudson" vase and a signed Rookwood vase by Lorinda Eppley done in 1934 that had a striking Art Deco design. Of course, there had to be another bidder that had his eye on them to. However, he apparently had come to bid on these two best pieces only. They sold early in the auction and he left shortly thereafter.

Several other good pieces of pottery were left and you would have thought there would have been more interest. I bought a few good pieces at remarkable prices. A tall chamberstick by Wannopee Pottery (that was only in business for 11 years, 1892 - 1903 )was purchased for $45. It books for $450 in a 2004 Scroader's Antique Price Guide!). A Roseville "Cherry Blossom" vase which books for $375 was bought by me for $90. This particular lot also included 2 pieces of Roseville "Wincraft"; a sugar and creamer set which book for $75+ each. All 3 for $90!! A Roseville "Dogwood" basket for $45 and list for $350 and a Roseville "Imperial I" low bowl for $15. Believe me, at these prices, I made up for the dry run at the Greenville Flea Market the day before. I'll keep you posted on what I sell from this one outing in a future blog."

He definately found some Treasures, and I can assure you, we will be hearing from him as these pieces sell. In my book, I stated that Cecil is one of the most knowledgable dealers that I have ever run across.

Cecil's story doesn't stop there, however. I now will share his last email to the 31 Club with you.

"Had a rather good sale yesterday. I am making this my first "find" in the Million Dollar Hunt! I have collected and dealt in Indian artifacts for several years now and have the advantage of knowing what to look for when buying. I bought an Indian arrowhead a couple of weeks from a box of arrowheads on which a person had written, "Your Choice, $5 Each".

In the seller's defense, that was top dollar for most all that were included. As I sorted through them, I found one that was worth $15 - $20, which I set aside. A few seconds later, I spyed the "good" one that I immediately recognized as a rare type. Yesterday ( Sept. 10th ), I sold the "good" one for $190. I believe this qualifies for your "at least double your money" criteria in your book. Not bad, huh?"

He still has to reach $200.00 to complete his first step in the race, but I have little doubt that this will be done very quickly. Cecil and Vicki are out ahead of the pack, but remember, this is going to be a long race--not a sprint--and you still have time to go to the front.

Our staff is ready and waiting to assist you in any way to jump out of the starting gate. You will feel a sensation that will propel you to the head of the pack after that first step is completed.

My day starts with hearing your success stories, so please keep them coming, and remember, there are more Treasures out there than we will ever be able to find.

Happy Hunting.

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"The Guy in the Red Tie" --- Daryle Lambert

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