Monday, September 24, 2007


My wife and I lost one of our best friends yesterday. Her name was Andi Welsh and she was always an inspiration to us.

When I needed a pick me up, she was always there. I will miss her, but I am assured that I will see her again. Her spirital strength served her well, and she was a mentor to many. She only talked to you for a very short period of time until you would have her sharing her faith with you.

Her death again brings me to a place were I realize that if we aren't enjoying what we're doing, what's the need? I hope that by forming the 31 Club, we will all find a sense of pleasure in the relationships that we are gaining through the club and will be able to enjoy the moment. I found out yesterday, we aren't insured of more than what we have before us now, so we should cherish every moment. My heart isn't in writing a blog about Antiques and Collectibles today and I hope that you will give me a pass today.

It has given me a new purpose in life, trying to share with as many of you as I can, about finding pleasure in what God has given us. I prayed that if this adventure wasn't of him that it would fail, but if it was of him it would succeed. I am here to tell you that the positive response has been over whelming.

Please keep us in your prays.

Be sure to visit our web site for more information about how you can join the 31 Club and start your own race to your millions! Read more about it here!"The Guy in the Red Tie" --- Daryle Lambert


  1. Daryle

    I am so sorry for your loss. I haven't spoken with you in awhile but I read your inspirational blog daily and will be in touch soon.

    God Bless you and your family. Your prayers & spiritual direction are a lesson for all to learn from!

    Cathy Collins (Boston)
    Footbridge Cove

  2. Daryle:

    May I offer you my sincerest condolences to you during this time of grief
    May God bless and comfort you and your family.

  3. Daryle, Vickie & Joshua: Always remember the special times with Andi and you will always smile instead of cry. May God be with you in your time of sorry. Lisa Riebe (Illinois)