Monday, September 17, 2007


My book about wealth building through antiques & collectibles, "31 Steps to Your Millions," has been out for about 90 days now, and it has more than exceeded my expectations. Not long after the release of the book, our 31 Club was formed. The members have stepped up to the starting gate with their best racing gear on. I am so proud of all that are participating.

There are already success stories that would turn anyone's head. One lady turned $100 into $832.71 the first week of our contest. Another gentleman spent $5.00 and got back $190. Try to get that return at your bank. Just imagine the kind of numbers we're going to be seeing as we advance toward the finish line!

In this short period of time, there has been a fantastic website assembled with all of its elements: A Home Page second to none, a Fine Arts Gallery with a large array of beautiful paintings, a Daily Blog of interesting informatiom to help our members on their journey, Joshua's Page to help junior collectors, and last but certainly not least in importance, the advertising for the 31 Club membership. Wow Wow Wow.

To think that only a few months ago this project was still in my mind. There wasn't even a word on paper at that time.

The Club and Book have been featured on both search engines, Google and Yahoo, and if you don't believe it, just go and type in Daryle Lambert, 31 Club or 31 Steps to Your Millions. Get ready because you will be surprised at the number of reference you will see. The Blog is carried by at least eight locations, and the national advertising has continued day in and day out. Joshua and I have appeared on NBC and at The Chicago Antique Market. A new character has been created, The Guy in the Red Tie. I know that I have missed a few things, but so much has been accomplished.

How has this all happened? I must come clean. Second, it is because of our wonderful Club members, but first of all, it is because of your great team behind the scenes. I hope you appreciate them as much as I do. This success has come only by the hard and exhausting work that has been done by Cindy Nieder, my right hand lady. Boy can she work. I have asked her to do more than ten people could accomplish, and without hesitation, she completes every assignment. Clarke F. Echols,Sr, -where do I start? He took a manuscript that a first grader could have written and turned it into a best seller. I wouldn't want to know the hours he spent just correcting my grammar. Now comes my opportunity to thank the person, that without him, we would still be at peg one: Chris Erbach. He is truly a magician. All of the tech work, from forming the home page to posting of pictures comes from Chris. In fact, I lean on him so much that he has put me on a time table. At 7:15 every morning, he expects a call from me.

I can understand some of what Cindy and Clarke do, but how Chris does the things he does is a total mystery to me. Thanks Gang, and I appreciate you taking me along on the journey. The 31 Gang will meet our members at the end of the $1,000,000 race.

Let me hear from you.

Be sure to visit our web site for more information about how you can join the 31 Club and start your own race to your millions! Read more about it here!"The Guy in the Red Tie" --- Daryle Lambert


  1. THANK YOU Chris, Cindy, Clark and Daryle. You are all awesome. I myself am very excited about getting in on this at the ground floor. Thanks for the inventory & sales sheet, printed it out last night and will fill out today. My younger son is even getting into this. He is starting to look for hotwheels. Most of the time he finds junk and still wants to know if we can sell it on ebay. I told him he has to find the ones from the 70's. Got to get the kids to school now. Have a great day everyone. Lisa

  2. Thanks, Daryle. What a blast it is working with you. I look forward to building a fantastic club, and to each and every one of us accomplishing what we set out to do.

    To Vicki & Lisa - thanks so much for your lively participation. Where are the rest of you? We know you're out there. Let us hear from you. Give us your thoughts and comments.

    Cindy, "Daryle's Right Hand"