Friday, September 14, 2007

I Can't Wait - Will TODAY be the Day?

I have completed my Race Plan for this weekend. Have you?

The estate and garage sales are listed. The route to all the shops and resale stores that I will be visiting are mapped out, and any antique shows or flea markets that I would like to attend are firmly planted in my head with their starting time. Let the race begin!

The competition will be formidable; but never fear. I feel like a freshly broken colt, and all I want is to be given my head so I can run like the wind. Wow! A million dollars awaits me at the end of this race, so it doesn't matter the length of it, just that I start. All across the country, the competition is preparing. They are assembling their tools, preparing a list of things to watch for, and mentally getting themselves in the right state of mind. But do they know who their competition is? I think not. We 31 Club members are going to be better prepared than our competition.

Will today be the day that I find that great painting? Or will it be a wonderful Grueby vase? I remember being in Alabama a few years ago and stopping in on a so- called antique shop. After spending only a few minutes walking the isles and only finding new items, mostly from over seas, I asked a clerk where the antiques were. Her response was, "You're looking at them."

In my amazement, I ask if there was any special thing that I had overlooked in the store, and she said, "No, but I do have a Rookwood vase at home." My ears perked up, and I ask her to describe it to me. "Well," she said, "It's about nine inches high with flowers on it." I ask if I could see it, and her answer was no, it was at her house. Thinking on my feet, I asked, "Can you go home at lunch and bring it for me to see?" She said, "Sure." Since it was about 10:00, I told her I would go on down the road and return at 1:00.

Returning, really expecting nothing special, I re-entered the store and asked if the vase was there. She began to unwrap the piece, and with every turn of the paper, my eyes got wider.

I was staring at a 12" Rookwood vase by one of its leading artists. I almost couldn't contain my glee. I asked if she had a price that she was asking for the vase. "One thousand dollars, and that would be the least I would take," she replied. It might have only been worth $1,000 in Alabama, but in Cincinnati, I knew it would be worth much more.

I took the vase and examined it carefully. Not wanting to appear too eager, I said, "Let me walk around for a minute to think about it." Returning, I said, "Sure. Will you take as check?" She asked me if I had a drivers license, and I showed it to her. I couldn't wait to get out of the store with this treasure. At last, I made it out the door and into the car. I just stared at the vase, knowing that it was worth over $5,000. Today, it might bring $10,000.

There are many things to be learned from this story, but I will let you figure them out for yourself. You see the $1,000,000 has begun, and I am in it with you.

This week's Super Star is Cecil R., and I have know him for over 25 years. I am sure that you will hear much more about him as the race continues.

We are waiting for comments and stories from our other enters.

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"The Guy in the Red Tie" --- Daryle Lambert

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  1. Hi Everyone. I have planned to attend a auction on Saturday afternoon. It looks fairly promising with a lot of Mckenzie childs stuff and lots of waterford glass. I might be spending my $500 then. I will let you know if I find a treasure or not. Also, I was so touched to hear the story of poor Mr. Cutler. I want him to know that my prayers are with him and I am very glad he is in our club. He has a lot of support here. God Bless you all, Vicki H.