Friday, September 28, 2007

"EXCITEMENT ABOUNDS" - The Chicago Antique Market.

Can you believe that another month has come and gone? The 31 Club is approaching its three month anniversary and the excitement within the club is amazing. It is hard to get on the internet today and not come across something about our club and the new vision for the Antique and Collectible industry that it is presenting to the world.

Our members are making money and learning at the same time. Their input is so important to our future, that we ask every day if they know of ways that we can improve the club on behalf of its members. Your staff of Cindy, Chris and Clarke are tireless workers that will stop at nothing to provide the members with the best.

This weekend you will be represented at the Chicago Antique Market by Cindy, Joshua and myself, and we will be getting the message out about the 31 Club to all that attend. We will be sharing the new vision with as many people that will listen, and there will be a table where people can sign up. Come and visit with us either Saturday or Sunday.

There will be qualified buyers present if you have something to sell. Also, I will be appraising items that guests bring to me. This will be a wonderful time spent shopping, looking, eating, or listening to fabulous music.

A new feature this month will be the exclusive area where only the finest will be shown , on stage. This will be conducted by Boris Yovanovich. His twenty plus years in this business will provide a wealth of information for all that enter his space. There will be some of the best Art that has been presented at the market ever, and many other quality items. Boris specializes in one-of-a-kind items that are unique and desirable.

There will be a full mix of dealers with an unlimited array of choices for those with discriminating taste. This will range from high quality art to fabulous jewelry and vintage clothing. Also, you will find the best Art Pottery and Art Glass that can be found anywhere. Not to leave out high quality Posters, Oriental Rugs, Lighting, Prints and so. So many other things that you will find desirable in the many booths.

One of the dealers happens to be a friend of mine for over fifteen years. Can you imagine my surprise when I ran into them at the Market. Doris and Mike have the most wonderful array of items that you can find anywhere. Unbelievable Bakelite jewelry, Rookwood and Roseville pottery, and Native American items can found adorning their fabulous booth.

One of my favorite people at the Chicago Antique market is Maria Tirabassi. She is an artist that I think will rise to the top of the heap in the future. Her paintings are light and airy with an almost childish quality. I was passing her booth when her paintings caught my eye, and I stopped in my tracks to admire them. Asking the lady there if she was the painter, the answer was no, but she told me her sister was. I found out she would be in her booth later. I returned and found Maria to be a delightful person and definitely the one that had created all of these wonderful pieces of art. If you go to our website, you will find several of her canvases there.

I am so excited to be invited back to the market by Sally, and I can tell you that her enthusiasm is contagious, and I am infected.

Hope to see you at the market, and keep those letters coming!

Be sure to visit our web site for more information about how you can join the 31 Club and start your own race to your millions! Read more about it here!"The Guy in the Red Tie" --- Daryle Lambert

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