Saturday, September 8, 2007

You Can Go Back - It might still be there.

Yesterday I shared with you the two things I purchased for the 31 Gang plus the one piece I missed. They were the music box and the enamel painting, plus the Doulton figurine that I was unsuccessful at buying. I spent a total of $60.00 and believe the enamel painting will bring between $300 - $500, the music box $100.

Guess what? I returned later in the afternoon and the Doulton figurine was still there. I figured that it must have been meant for me. So I paid $65 for it, bringing my grand total of expenses to $125. It would have been easy to just have given in and bought it while I was at the sale, but then I would have broken the rules that we are going to live by, right?

I still had my money when I left and later, if the figure wasn't still available, then it would have meant that it wasn't to be and I would have just moved on to the next item. These three pieces should bring $550 minimum. If I sell them, I will have met my goal.

This happened to me another time several years ago. I made a offer on a Grueby vase and was turned down in the morning but later returned and bought the vase for less than half of what I offered earlier plus I got several other things as a bonus. This purchase netted me over $10,000 and you can read about it in my book.

The difference between being successful or not in this business will be your ability to evaluate a piece quickly, make a fair offer for it and then not be presuaded to change your mind about that value whether you are able to purchase it or not.

When you are putting a value on a item be sure to think in terms of what value the buyer would be looking for not necessarily what value it would have for you. Always remember when you buy something you aren't the final owner. It is just passing through your hands. Also, guides are just that guides. Be sure you are current on the values as they stand today. This isn't a static market but a fluid one where the values of items are constantly changing and you must keep up with them.

Good luck in your hunt and email, email, email us!

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"The Guy in the Red Tie" --- Daryle Lambert

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